Leaflets call on Logar youth to join Daesh

Abdul Maqsud Azizi

Daesh militants have been dropping propaganda leaflets on streets and near homes in central Logar province to encourage the youth into joining the group.
Ahmad Javed, who lives in Sar Sang area of the provincial capital, Pul-i-Alam, told Pajhwok Afghan News the propaganda leaflets had been dropped many times at night during the past week. “They drop the leaflets on roads and throw into people’s homes. In the leaflets, the youth are urged to join the group,” he said.
Similarly, a tribal elder in Shah Mazar area of Barak-i-Barak district, Haji Gulab, said the same leaflets were found in their area.

“In the past, people could not spend a day in peace due to the Talibaninfo-icon, now Daesh has emerged, it will make living in this area hard for locals,” he said.
The elder urged the government to prevent Daesh or Islamic State from spreading its propaganda.

A copy of the leaflet is available with Pajhwok Afghan News. With Daesh flag printed on the leaflet, a sign reads “Islamic State Khorasan zone.”
The letter is addressed to the people of Barak-i-Barak district. The message on the leaflet reads “Daesh wants to fight against the Taliban in Logar and take the control in own hands.”
The letter asked the people of the district to support Daesh in eliminating the Taliban.

The Barak-i-Barak district chief, Mohammad Rahim Amin, confirned the issue and asked the government to be quick in preventing the group from gaining strength in the province.
Similarly, the Azra district chief, Hamidullah Hamid, also said Daesh activities had lately increased in the district.
He said the group had started recruiting the youth and the recruitment should be prevented at the earliest.
The Logar governor’s spokesman, Salim Saleh, did not believe the leaflets were being circulated by Daesh militants. He said it was the act of those who wanted to pave the ground for Daesh arrival.
The Taliban have said nothing in this regard. The Daesh group had been previously more active in Nangarhar and Zabul provinces.


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