ISIS Inadvertently Proves Bible Historically Accurate

Matthew Archbold
Irony alert. The Bible once again shown to be historically accurate…this time with the help of ISIS militants.

So here’s how it happened. In 2014, ISIS destroyed a site believed by many to be the burial site of Jonah in Mosul because…that’s what ISIS does. They destroy. For some reason they went to town on the place, even using dynamite to destroy it.

But a few weeks ago, the area was liberated by Iraqi forces from ISIS. But because the site was blown to smithereens, what was under the shrine became apparent. And archaeologists soon discovered the 2,300 year old palace of the Biblical King Sennacherib. I know all of you read the Bible so much that good ol’ Sennacherib’s story is as known to you as your own history. But just in case you forgot, according to the Bible, King Sennacherib ran a pretty wealthy city around 700 BC and he was all about sacking towns and raking in the Benjamins. Typical bad guy king stuff.

So then he set his sights on the Kingdom of Judah. The Bible states that “Sennacherib king of Assyria advanced and invaded Judah, and laid siege to the fortified towns, intending to demolish them.” Not only did he do that but he talked trash while doing it. I can’t help but be reminded of the scene from the movie The Incredibles when they’re talking about the bad guy has the good guy dead to rights and what does he do? He monologues about how he is all powerful and going to take over the world yadda yadda, thus giving the good guy a chance to escape. Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened here. The first known example of monologuing to one’s own detriment.

When he realized that the people would not surrender because of their faith in Yahweh, he mocked their faith. “Don’t you know what I and my ancestors have done to all the peoples of the other countries?” he sneered. “Have the national gods of those countries had the slightest success in saving their countries from my clutches?” But because of all of his trash talk, an angel came down and pretty much wiped out his army and then he slunk back home, defeated, only to be killed by his sons. I know, right?

Now, for many years, as you might know, much of the Bible has been dismissed as unreliable history. But now it’s believed we actually found Sennacherib’s palace. Sadly, ISIS seems to have absconded with many of the artifacts from the site to sell for their own profit. It seems they’re not big into respecting people who are alive or dead.

One archeologist was quoted as saying that ISIS’s act of “destruction has actually led us to a fantastic find.” A find that shows the Bible to be correct once again. So, come on. That’s gotta’ give you a little “heh,” doesn’t it? ISIS proving the Bible correct?

This isn’t the first time the Bible was shown to have historical merit, despite many thinking that it’s just a collection of myths. Just a few years ago, archaeologists discovered what’s called the Tel Dan inscription on a ninth-century B.C. stone which was the first historical evidence of King David outside of the Bible. Also, the ancient town, called Gath, ruled by the ancient Philistines and the home of Goliath of watch out for that slingshot fame, was also recently discovered.

But so far this story about ISIS uncovering evidence of the veracity of the Bible is my favorite ironic story of the week.



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