Muslim Association of Canada

Muslim Association of Canada

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) operates more than one dozen institutions in Canada. Homepage lists US Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi as its director. MAC acknowledged its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and gave $300k to a Hamas-linked charity called IRFAN-Canada, which was declared a terrorist group.


  • Jamal Badawi
  • Abu Nazir
  • Yasser Mohamed
  • Khurram Khan
  • Khaled Sultan
  • Belal Tassi
  • Mourad Mhiri
  • Muhammad Nummer
  • Nabil Sultan
  • Tarek Zayed


Sponsor Amount
Saudi-Arabia, 2012 $134k


Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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