ANP Report for September 02, 2015

“Media whores are going after Donald Trump with a vengeance – filling the internet with gripping stories of Trumps “EVIL, RACIST, NEO-NAZI SUPPORT” – simply because of his realistic campaign statements on various issues, but especially his statements about stopping the Third World INVASION of America, building a “WALL” to secure our borders, and shipping 11 MILLION (or more) of these ILLEGALS back to where they came from.”-Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party



Racial Comrades: When the self-styled “prominent personalities” in this so-called “racial movement” go overboard in making fools of themselves, it goes beyond hilarious! It becomes down right LUDICROUS in the EXTREME!

Now I’m speaking from a National Socialist revolutionary perspective of course, NOT a right-wing, reactionary one – and that DOES make a big difference…

Since as I predicted in my last ANPReport several weeks ago, the system’s controlled media whores are going after Donald Trump with a vengeance – filling the internet with gripping stories of Trumps “EVIL, RACIST, NEO-NAZI SUPPORT” – simply because of his realistic campaign statements on various issues, but especially his statements about stopping the Third World INVASION of America, building a “WALL” to secure our borders, and shipping 11 MILLION (or more) of these ILLEGALS back to where they came from.

There is One article yesterday on the web, which stated that his Ex-wife ( yeah they always can find a juicy sound bite from a bitter “Ex” eh? lol ) claims that The Donald kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches – “My new Order”; I’ve got a copy too that my father had gotten in 1942 while in the army – beside his bed and read it at night! Let’s watch and see if they come up with some photos of him playing dress-up next in front of his mirror…

Almost as if on cue, the so-called “representatives” of this dysfunctional and impotent “racial movement” lined up to give their resounding support for “Trump for President” – as IF he would WANT to be associated with these losers – from the most “well known” media whores, to the literally unknown obscure, minuscule mini-fuhrers of all the moronic hate filled websites that the jews-media could dig up.

Leading the charge, was Mr. Anti-Jewish Supremacist himself – The Honorable, Divine, Doctor(?), Grand Wizard, and Anti-Semite Supreme, and don’t forget Felon… – David Duke!

Yep, old David gushed about how he would LOVE to see Donald Trump become President, and the list of non-entities seeking their name in print, couldn’t talk fast enough to the system’s controlled media hoping to get a mention as well… Oh! It’s almost enough to make me get a stitch in my side laughing at these supposed “mighty white nationalists”!

Sure, Trump is savvy enough to SAY what he realizes the masses of Americans want to hear. And he knows what strings to pull when it comes to MANIPULATING people – he’s a mega-SUCCESSFUL “Real Estate Magnate” for Pete’s sake. And as I stated in my last ANPReport, unlike the average “mainstream” political whore politicians, he DOESN’T NEED ANYBODY’S “endorsement” OR monies to campaign – he’s a SUPER JUDEO-CAPITALIST, a multi, multi billionaire. And he’s willing to say what he knows the people want to hear, to get their votes and he says it!

Ah, and there’s the rub, as Shakespeare used to say – he’s also describes himself as a “SUPER ZIONIST”; I myself would describe him more as a “Spiritual Jew”, he’s so engrossed in Judeo-Capitalism, that it’s his whole life, making more and more money – btw, his beautiful Aryan daughter is married to a wealthy JEW “real estate broker” and has herself “converted” to Judaism. Recently, Donald Trump was honored over in Israel as one of the “one hundred most influential people” to help jews and Israel in the entire world!

When Trump speaks on the topic of Iran, you expect him to start frothing at the mouth, so vehemently does he attack Israel’s most potent opponent in the Middle East. He actually outdoes that crazy old nutter from Arizona – Fat Mouth McCain in his militaristic vision of America’s future role around the globe, as the “World’s Policeman”, er BULLY-BOY – if he gets to be President.

MORE body-bags for those naïve, and gullible young Americans who are stupid enough to sign up to DIE and/or be MAIMED for life, for the Greater Glory, of Good Old Uncle Samuel and the Imperial World Order of prosperity of the 1% Uber Alles, as they rape and pillage the globe for bigger and BIGGER – PROFIT MARGINS – for those SPECIAL FEW.

I would have THOUGHT that old, grey bearded “Dr.” Duke would have at LEAST done a Google Search on his idol before he rushed to judgement and opened his “wise” old mouth, promoting Trump’s presidency. PERHAPS David wouldn’t REALLY mind having a “SUPER ZIONIST” as America’s next president? Out of the mouths of babes, as the saying goes… For the rest of these media hounds, I don’t and couldn’t expect anything else – hell, most would shove a toddler out of their way, in their rush to get to a microphone…

And, in case you’re wondering – yes, we were contacted by the system’s paid hounds for a soundbite (ooh, evil neo-nazis…great!) but, we do what we always do, when the ENEMY’S dogs slither around – we IGNORED them! It’s NOT a nice feeling, knowing that you’re being USED by your ENEMY, and WILLINGLY going along. But, I suppose if you’re slimy already, it’s at least more of that “free publiciteee!” they’re so DESPERATE to get. “OOOOh LOOK, – “WE EXIST” – they proclaim, the jews-media SAYS SO! LMAO

I don’t know how the rest of you feel about it – but it’s honestly pretty DISGUSTING – KNOWING that you’re going to HARM someone, whom you SUPPOSEDLY admire, by giving your endorsement and association to them, when you KNOW it isn’t wanted. Well, isn’t it? And these rejects MUST have KNOWN that saying what they said – was WHAT Trump’s ENEMIES wanted them to say, or they wouldn’t have bothered to contact them in the first place. I wouldn’t even STAB my ENEMY in the BACK, much less someone I admired. But, I guess you need to look at the source, and it becomes pretty clear with what type of creatures you’re dealing with here…

No wonder I, nor the ANP, are desiring any association with the vast majority of these right-wing, reactionary “personalities” predominating in the “spokesmanship” of this so-called “movement”.

NONE of them are out FOR the good of the 14Words, and Social Justice FOR the White Working Class – they’re ONLY out for THEMSELVES! They are the “I” in the word TEAM – except for shooting off their big mouths, and peddling trinkets and crappola to the “faithful” like TV preachers – they have accomplished NOTHING, will accomplish NOTHING, and in truth don’t intend on accomplishing anything, except avoiding what really NEEDS to be done – building a SERIOUS Pro-White Political Alternative, from the GROUND UP!

Comrades, getting “sound bites” in the ENEMY’S controlled MEDIA is not a wonderful accomplishment, especially when you’re being USED to harm someone else, that the “mainstream” hates. I believe that it’s DISHONORABLE. It’s NOT how an Aryan should behave.

Ok, so Donald Trump is stating things, that BEFORE – ONLY – a “HATER” was accused of saying. The system is unhappy with him for saying those obvious (un-PC) truths. Do you HELP to PULL HIM DOWN? You COULD applaud WHAT he says, without making out you’re his best pal, and help the enemy SMEAR HIM while doing so, because YOU’RE viewed as a slimeball…

Comrades, the August issue of The White Worker magazine has been mailed out to those deserving of it, meaning those who sent in their August pledge slips.. It is a great issue focusing on the great Henry Ford, who published the book, “The International Jew, the Worlds Foremost Problem” – which you can read for free, on the Party website at the bottom of the main page. I recommend it strongly!

If only more of these movement “bigots & haters” actually READ some books like the International Jew, they MIGHT have a wider and more incisive scope for their beliefs, than the usual “I hate kikes because they got big hooked noses” or some such nonsense.

Well, summer is just about over. Now perhaps we can all start to forget about “having fun” 24/7 – and get back to promoting National Socialism here in America. Yes! I’m talking to YOU…

One last thing. What I’m going to say is even MORE distasteful having to say it, than you having to hear it. I’m sorry to report that the Party treasury is down to about nothing this beginning of September. I have studied “what” the problem is – and I believe that it comes down to this: Since the advent of our website opening over a decade ago, we have offered our printed materials at “COST”. Well, with ZERO increase in price over the years and as costs increased to produce them, we now operate at a LOSS, with whatever we produce.

Now, the Party publishes a LOT of Outreach materials, and I still feel that those of you who distribute this material, OUGHT to get it as cheap as possible, as you are to all intent and purposes, doing it FOR the Party, unlike perhaps ordering an armband or flag, or booklet that’s for your personal use. So I really refuse to up the charge for Outreach materials. Hopefully, someday in the future they will even be free for Party Activists……..

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party


Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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