Dutch Drugs Labs via Dark Web Floods U.S with Crystal Meth and Ecstasy; Officials Claims

Death due to drugs is rising. Even a few days ago a student falls from the top floor and died due to dark web drugs consumption. On Monday, Senior Austrian Officials told that Europe and the US are distributed with Ecstacy as well as Crystal Meth from narcotic labs producing these drugs. But Netherlands is not taking enough effort to close it down.

The Past year report let out by the Austro-German Team has revealed that it had come across almost 6,000 packages weighing 170 Kgs.

Netherlands drug labs send large quantities via German Postal Service which was seized by the authorities told the Austria’s Interior Minister Wolfgang.

Still, both the parties should work hard to get better cooperation and it is very much crucial that these sites are shut down Immediately.

Dieter Csefan, Austria’s chief drug said that crime officials have seized the synthetic opioids like Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Fentanyl and Finally Cannabis these are considered to be Class A Drugs.

The production was rapid. Almost 500Kgs are being produced using the movable labs mainly made up of Shipping containers. These laboratories are very hard to find since they are dug underground which is almost 5 to 6 meters below and often found in the southern Netherlands region.

All these drugs which have been confiscated are mainly for people created for top markets like the United States and Austria.

Franz Lang, Austria’s Federal Criminal Police head made a statement and criticized against Netherlands for not putting and end to such trade.

Lang pointed out that even they wished to act with dutch judiciary but didn’t permit in any way even the bigger market Czech Republic and its authorities cooperated and planned to put a break to this illegal online sale.


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