‘KingCarder’: Wi-Fi Hacking Software For under $1 on Dark Web Marketplace “AlphaBay”

According to a Source, the user who goes under the name ‘KingCarder’ is currently selling Hacked Wi-Fi Crackers on the infamous ‘AlphaBay’. Buying anything illegal on the dark web? Then you must have definitely visited the darknet markets like AlphaBay or Silk Road 3.

Buying or Selling on the markets have become more secure and increased with the introduction of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you had already been on any of the sites like AlphaBay you must have clearly noticed the layout of it very much similar to Surface Web sites like Amazon or eBay.

If you believe it or not you can buy almost everything that includes Counterfeit items, Drugs &  Chemicals, Digital Products, Software, Malware, Security, and Hosting.

One of the AlphaBay users, Named as ‘KingCarder’ has been selling quite a good amount of products and made a good trust level. On January 16, 2016, he added the product “WiFi Automated Cracker”. In the recent times the number of

In the recent times, the number of items sold has pretty increased. He had sold almost 1019 items the WiFi hacking tool.

In the description of the Product, he had included a video tutorial which would let you have Free Internet 4 life. Currently, the WiFi Automated Cracker is being sold for exactly USD 0.98 dollars (Approx. 0.0004 BTC). Below is the actual description,

“WIFI AUTOMATED CRACKER + VIDEO TUTORIAL = FREE INTERNET 4 LIFE. You will get BT5R3 OS and an automated internet cracking software, which you drag and drop or write name in Backtrack Terminal (Console), select any target near you, or all of them, and the program will stack cracking passwords and show them in the console. You will have a video tutorial to do this very easy procedure.”

Having this tool will let you have access to WiFi network or any WiFi-enabled devices that are available nearby. It captures Wi-Fi and finds the passwords within minutes.


# For educational purposes only
# Hacking Wifi Using Scapy
#!/usr/bin/env python from scapy.all import *
ap_list = []
def PacketHandler(pkt) :
if pkt.haslayer(Dot11) :
if pkt.type == 0 and pkt.subtype == 8 :
if pkt.addr2 not in ap_list :
print “AP MAC: %s with SSID: %s ” %(pkt.addr2, pkt.info)
sniff(iface=”mon0″, prn = PacketHandler)
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This is an easy-to follow tutorial in order to hack wifi (wireless network)

Download http://www.mediafire.com/?7qh0fkb2ncbcy5y

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