The Albert Einstein Institution: How To Start A Revolution?

The Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) has played the key role in recent years in training and deploying youth movements to help prepare the conditions for coups through fostering the impression that the targeted regimes are deeply unpopular, and through destabilizing those regimes through their demonstrations and the like. The group, which is funded by the Soros foundations and the U.S. government, is led by former DIA officer Col. Robert Helvey, and Harvard University’s Dr. Gene Sharp… According to Sharp, “If the issue is to bring down a dictatorship, then it is not good enough to say, ‘we want freedom.’ It’s necessary to develop a strategy, or a super-plan, to weaken a dictatorship and that can only be done by identifying its sources of power. These [sources of power] include: authority, human resources skills, knowledge, tangible factors, economic and material resources and sanctions like police and troops.” For this reason, Sharp reports, he has written numerous books on nonviolent struggle to help oppressed peoples develop a “superplan.” These works, of which the major one is The Politics of Nonviolent Action, have been translated into 27 languages… *** The manual includes a list of 198 methods rebels can use to destabilize the government. The AEI has also produced a film, How to Start a Revolution, also available in many languages. It makes a strong emotional appeal to values like idealism, hope and heroism. Watching it one may have conflicting emotions, like Ulysses tied to the mast, listening to the siren song, yet reminding oneself what a dangerous deception it is. [Ed.]

Gene Sharp DOC De la Dicature à la Démocratie les Révolutions Arabes



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1 Response to The Albert Einstein Institution: How To Start A Revolution?

  1. Alan Scott says:

    God bless George Soros, and give him the reward he richly deserves – burning in the eternal fires of Hell!


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