RUSSIA: “Decade of Childhood” 2018-2027: A Miniature Reichstag (GERMAN WAY OF DEMOCRACY)

After the March 26 demonstrations in which a large number of young people took part, Putin regime decided it had to reach out to young people so that they would support it rather than the opposition, Sergey

“A Decade of Childhood.”  Nothing, but a policy of using threats to keep students from attending opposition meetings. Next, the regime issued a new package of prohibitions, including about use of the Internet and set up a new Council of Bloggers.

And finally, the regime “continued the militarization of society,” with much dressing up and the storming of a miniature Reichstag in Moscow. None of these steps made any sense; but this last was the least promising because the Russian defense ministry copied not the Reichstag of 1945 but that of 2017 – a symbol of German democracy rather than German Nazism!

Because those behind this program do not understand the young and do not have anything to offer them that they could conceivably want, Shelin says, the whole enterprise is doomed to “complete collapse,” alienating those it is intended to attract still further from the Putin regime and its hangers on.

Mode attacks young people with their love
Putin’s system has discovered that the generation that grew up with her is not very sympathetic to her. And her answer to this is tragicomic ( Translated

Sergey Shelin–Between March 26 and June 12, the state machine took all feasible actions in order to somehow resolve the “youth issue”. Own unpopularity among this category of subjects was a complete surprise for her. People who do not remember at the head of the country anyone except Vladimir Putin, it turns out, do not believe at all that the system he built tells about himself.

We must give our authorities due. They did not waste time on the swing and immediately put into operation all their standard tools with which they tackled any problem.

1. Announced the great children’s and youth’s state program. The presidential decree of 2018-2027 was declared the “Decade of Childhood”. I ask to do without smiles and puns. Government clerks, who are given three months to write all the papers depicting this undertaking, are working not unbending.

2. Millions of teachers and professorship teachers are thrown out of unauthorized moods by wards and fathers and threats.

I will cite the appeal of the rector’s office of one of the universities, favorably distinguished from the masses of others not so much as threatening, but in a pitiful tone: “The official (authorized) events will take place at various venues – their goal is to support the unshakable course of President V.V. Putin on the development of democracy in Russia, the course to overcome the technological backlog … According to reliable information in your environment there are supporters of the opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who, using the difficulties of today, plans to commit a number of provocations … How can these actions affect you ?! Will this harm your future, realization of your goals and becoming you as future specialists ?! Think about the harm that can be done to the prestige of our country, our city, our university, where you get knowledge, skills, skills! .. ”

Of course, for people who are no longer young and wise, the “technological backwardness”, which has not been overcome for some reason for a couple of decades, is the usual “difficulties of the day” that do not have a beginning or an end. But a man who is about twenty years old can look at the same thing quite differently. This is something somebody did not think about in the administration.

3. The next package of prohibitions was urgently launched. For example, the most recent bill: “to establish a ban on the use in Russia of information and telecommunications networks, information systems and computer programs for access to Internet sites, access to which is limited in the Russian Federation.” Teenagers do not feed bread, just forbid something – and they will be happy. Especially if it concerns the Internet.

4. To give advice on the Duma carpet LOMs (leaders of public opinion) were called in the person of video blogger Sasha Spielberg, specializing in advertising all sorts of games, bosseships, cosmetics, Minister Medinsky and other nice trifles. Deputies with serious faces listened to her twitter, clearly seeing in her an authoritative connoisseur and master of youthful thoughts. Developing the anticipated success, the Duma is preparing to organize a whole “Council of bloggers” as a very effective means for young people.

5. Ordered several pro-government propaganda in the youth style, all sorts of clips, etc. The sense of justice forces us to acknowledge that even the bosses have their own mental boundaries, and in spite of this, it has been able to grasp the beyond-limits talent of this product.

6. We continued the militarization. Unarmy is a well-dressed and sonorous minting step. A mock-up of the Reichstag – to “storm not something horrible, but a specific place,” as the Minister of Defense put it.

With the “concrete place” it turned out interesting. The Reichstag is, after all, not a symbol of Nazism (the Hitler parliament sat in the Kroll opera building), but of German parliamentarism. When in the 1990s, under the leadership of the British architect Norman Foster, this building was rebuilt and erected a transparent dome over it as a symbol of openness, then they preserved on the walls one and a half hundred inscriptions left by the Red Army men. Around the Reichstag is always full of teenagers, taken on excursions from all over Germany. And now, as an asymmetric answer, such a stylish gift to their peers. “It is noteworthy that the symbolic training model has not a dome of the 1945 model, but the roof of the current building where the Bundestag sits,” Frankfurter Allgemeine reports.

Summarize. If it was meant to somehow arrange for themselves young people, then all this stormy activity develops into a picture of total failure.

Partial exception, perhaps, is only the sixth point. Teenagers like to play in the war. But if we develop this story further and say what our PR experts like to say about “social elevators”, supposedly still operating in the army and guarding structures, then Vladimir Putin remembers the anecdote very beloved by Vladimir Putin, about the son of a general who does not Become a marshal, since the marshal has his own son.

The regime that has developed in our country can rightfully be called anti-youth. He deserved it. He does not like almost everything that those who like from fourteen to thirty do. And more and more often and more aggressively he no longer simply condemns, but represses. The most innocent online statements, the most simple entertainment can easily be tightened under the wheel.

Those who are twenty or less years old (let’s call them “Putin’s generation”), are mostly deprived or almost deprived of the opportunity to travel the world, let alone study abroad. The chances of getting a good and certainly more convertible profession at home are diminishing. Both that, and another, and the third is the privilege of the children of the nomenklatura. As well as the right to hold posts at least slightly above the average. On the whole front, the aggressively archaic ideological pressure, perceived by the youth as madness, intensifies. There is a growing compulsion to participate in propaganda rituals, the absurdity and falsity of which at this age are experienced more sharply than in more mature years.

The regime that embodied the worst fantasies of the losers of the 1990s can not and will not please those born in the 21st century. What kind of love can be between them? They are strangers to each other.

We just need to remember that from irony and rejection to frontal confrontation is a long distance. The bulk of adolescents and young people today is far from political opposition. They are just looking at her. Panic taps by the authorities are likely premature.

Alexey Navalny’s five-minute appeal to schoolchildren and students (“young people, schoolchildren and students who are interested in politics and refuse to believe lies from TV screens are the best people in the country, behind them the future”) is not too specific and leaves many questions that teenagers could not answer Specify. But next to the state machine, a gushing malice, threats, ignorance and archaism, all the weaknesses and obscurities disappear by themselves. A system that does not consider the generation that grew up with it as its own future, it is better not to look far ahead.




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