U.S. Department of defense chose active protection system for tanks and armored personnel carriers

Weaponews–American armored vehicles will be better able to defend against anti-tank missiles and grenades. U.S. Department of defense chose active protection system for tanks and armored personnel carriers, reports “Warspot” with reference to the portal businessinsider.com Manufacturers of active protection systems were able to convince the US military command to improve protection of military armored vehicles. After several years of testing, American tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles will get advanced technology of intercepting missiles and grenades.Infographics showing the distance to the ammunition needed for the active protection system successfully srabotala Stryker armored personnel carriers are to be mounted on the system Iron Curtain, developed by the American Corporation Artis.

U.S. Department of defense chose active protection system for tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Abrams tanks will be equipped with Israeli systems, Trophy, and infantry combat vehicles Bradley system Iron Fist from Israel Military Industries.An example of the equipment system Trophy LV armored vehicle Oshkosh M-ATVДва units of the us army – Tank Automotive Research and Development & Engineering Center is now working closely with manufacturers of armored vehicles, to with minimum investment and with maximum efficiency to integrate active protection system in the ready-made armored vehicles. In addition, the US military command is considering the possibility of installing one of these systems on army JLTV SUVs. While in the military indicate that after experimental operation requires some changes in military tactics and retrain soldiers, as the explosion in intercepting munition can hit the infantry that comes along with the armor. In addition, crews of armored vehicles will be given new instructions.Trophy system are established for the Israeli Merkava tanks МК4МПервые system of active protection of tanks was developed in the 1950-60-ies in the USSR in the Central design Bureau №14 (Tula).

The first system was called “Thrush” and was established in 1983 on the T-55A, after which it was renamed the T55-HELL.The Israeli Trophy system was developed in 2005 to detect and destroy missiles and RPG shells fired at the tank. The system is equipped with a special radar and a computer, which determines the class and the trajectory of the enemy weapon. If anti-tank grenade or a rocket threatens the tank, the system produces in the direction of the threat to small charges that undermine her on approach. In addition, the system can determine the location from which you issued ammunition.

The Trophy system is available in several versions, in addition, in October 2015, the company RADS presented its “Lite” version of Trophy LV.The Iron Fist system was developed by IMI in 2006 to protect the Namer heavy infantry fighting vehicles, the armament of the IDF. Given the modularity and relative ease of installation (system is mounted without making any changes to the design of combat vehicles), it has been used on other types of armored vehicles.System Iron Curtain began to be developed in 2005 by joint efforts of the company’s business and Agency defense advanced projects Agency (DARPA) of the Ministry of defense. This system was initially tested on armored vehicles HMMWV that Iron Curtain successfully defended from a shot from an RPG-7.


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