Dark Web Service claimed to track any phone and read text messages for $500 using SS7

One of the Vulnerabilities that existed in the phone calls and cellular network is the SS7. Dark Web Service claimed to track any phone and read text messages for $500 using SS7.

You can visit the Tor service zkkc7e5rwvs4bpxm.onion. A monthly fee is charged for the service which includes $250 to get texts or calls, to get cellphone report pay only $150.

If you want a direct access to the SS7 port only $5,500 will be billed to get everything you need. At first according to the customers feedback the site was thought to be an absolute scam since the admin Interconnector didn’t respond to him but earlier today he had let out a page to check the page yourself for a promising fee.

The SS7 is closed network only for telecom companies. But this history persisted for many years of its major vulnerability hacks.

The site’s manager, who goes by the name Interconnect0r, declined to say how she was able to maintain access but said it did not present significant technical difficulties, despite regular intervention from phone companies.

Keeping the networks to be safe without intervention and many others have had access to someone with proper guidance to make it get the best out of it.


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