Abdullah b. Muhammad as-Salafi: Jews And Shiites Are same…..

Common Traits between Jews and Raafidhah

Sheik al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, said: ‘The sign of this is that the ordeal of the Raafidhah (SHIITE) is similar to that of the Jews. The Jews said kingship can only be in the family of Dawood and the Raafidhah said that Imamate can only be from the children of Ali.’

The Jews said: ‘There can be no Jihad in the path of Allah until the Pseudo-Christ emerges forth and the command to fight is given. The Raafidhah said: ‘There is no Jihad in the path of Allah until the Mahdi emerges and a caller calls from the heavens to fight.’

The Jews delay their prayers till the stars are ablaze at night and the Raafidhah delay the Maghrib prayer till that time at night. The Prophet (r) said:

“My Ummah will be in a state of good affairs as long as they do not delay the Maghrib prayer till the stars are ablaze at night.” (Ahmed, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah – Hasan)

The Jews distorted the Torah, as did the Raafidhah with the Qur’an. The Jews do not see it lawful to wipe over the socks during ablution, as is the belief of the Raafidhah.

The Jews despise Jibreel, and they say: ‘He is our enemy from amongst the Angels.’ The Raafidhah say: ‘Jibreel made a mistake in giving the Wahi (revelation) to Prophet Muhammad.’[1]

The Raafidhah also agreed with the Christians in relation to the dowry; they do not give their wives dowry, for the Raafidhah believe in temporary marriages and see it as lawful.

The Jews and Christians are better than the Raafidhah, for when the Jews were asked who the best of all Jews were, they replied ‘the companions of Musa’ and when the Christians were asked who the best of all Christians were, they said the companions of Jesus. And when the Raafidhah were asked who the worst amongst them were, they said the Companions of Prophet Muhammad.[2]

The Jews divide people into two categories, Jews and other nations. The other nations include anyone who is not a Jew. The Jews believe that they themselves are the believers. As for other nations, they believe them to be polytheists, disbelievers who know nothing about Allah. It is mentioned in the Talmud: ‘All nations other than the Jews are polytheists’. Their Rabbis inculcate this teaching among the Jews. Jesus himself was not safe from their treachery. In the Talmud it is mentioned that Jesus was a ‘disbeliever who knew nothing about Allah.’

The Raafidhah believe themselves to be the only believers; all other groups other than them are non-Muslim, who have apostatized and have no share in Islam. The reason the Raafidhah impute disbelief to other Muslims is that they do not recognize the Wilayah (guardianship/power) of their Imams. The Raafidhah consider this to be a pillar of Islam. According to them, a Muslim who does not believe in Wilayah is a non-believer, similar to a Muslim who disbelieves in the Testimony of Faith and prayers. The Wilayah is given priority over all the pillars of Islam.

Al-Burqi narrated that Abu Abdullah said: ‘There is no true believer except us and our Shi’ite brethren, and all other people are not true believers.’

In the exegesis of al-Qummi it is narrated that Abu Abdullah said: ‘There is no one on the religion of Islam except us until the Day of Resurrection.’[3]

End Notes

[1] There is a group of Raafidhah who claim that Jibreel was treacherous in delivering the Message and gave it to Muhammad instead. Ali was more righteous than the Prophet in this regard! Dear Muslim look at this flagrant lie, Allah says: ‘The Trustworthy Spirit [i.e., Gabriel] has brought it down’ what do you say about this belief my dear Muslim?

[2] Minhaj as-Sunnah for Sheik Islam b. Taymiyyah 1/24.

[3] Badthlol Majhood fe Moshabahtil Rafidhah bil Yahood for Abdullah al-Jamili 2/599 and 568.


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