ANHA: Turkish Army Recruiting Children In Their Ranks

More and more dissidents’ cases are witnessed in the Turkish army’s ranks where 4 other youths from al-Tabqa city deceived by Turkish occupation split including two children.TEBQA-DEWLETA-TURK-ZAROKE-DIKE-REKAXWEDE ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Two youths and other two children, at 14, 15 joined the so-called mercenaries of Ahrar al-Tabqa which are Turkish occupier of al-Shahba’s affiliate.

The 4 youths from al-Tabqa city surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces.

Syrian Democratic Forces have taken legal procedures after investigating them and proving their innocence, the youths have been released today after a month-long investigation and proving that they were not involved in any criminal acts.

The four youths and children who split are” Abdul al-Hanan Hamid al-Sheikh, Ahamd Saied al-Barbout, the children are Abdul Hamid Sheikho at 14, Abdul Hamid Mahmoud al-Sheikh at 15.


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3 Responses to ANHA: Turkish Army Recruiting Children In Their Ranks

  1. Alan Scott says:

    Sorry, but that looks like a pretty dodgy report to me: the headline, the source, the almost incomprehensible text. I don’t think the Turkish army needs to “recruit children.”


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