“JUNDALLAH”: ISIS Indonesia Chapter

Amym leader Suaib Didu Asian Muslim youth movement. A plot to send Asian suicide bombers arounbd the world. Amym Jihadi recruits on northern Indonesian island of Kalimantan. Mr Didu went to Kalkimantan.

Laskar Jundullah an Indonesian group linked to al Qaeda.

1602-1687 – The Dutch East India Company formed in 1602. It had 4,500 European employees in Asia by 1625, and 11,550 European employees by 1687. Female slaves locally called concubines were used by the company. (History Today. June 2013 UK).

27 Aug 1883 – Two thirds of Krakatoa Indonesia collapsed in a chain of big volcanic eruptions. It destroyed most of the island and surrounding area. (Chch Star. Today in history).

1927 – The Indonesian Nationalist party PNI was formed under Ahmed Sukarno. They had the aim of pursuing independence from the Netherlands.

April 1942 – 2,600 British, Australian and American prisoners were moved to Bandoeng from Indonesian troop, Bicycle camp, POWs starved. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton. ©2009 UK).

4 August 1944- Feb 1945 – Macassas camp in Indonesia, run by Japans prison camp system. On 4 Aug 1944 a British POW was beaten 70 times by Yoshida. In Feb 1945 a Japanese army doctor, Macassar camp, Soengi Geru camp on the island of Sumatra. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK)

1949 – The former Dutch colony of Indonesia became independent.

Jan 1951 – US lawyer Clark Clifford was registered with the US Justice department, as a foreign agent for Indonesia’s Sukarno regime.

1958-62 – Govt in Padang, the capital of west Sumatra on 15 Feb 1958. Pres Sukharno was backed by the CIA, SIS and ASIS. Alan Pope, a CIA civil air transport pilot on 16 March 1960 he was sentenced to death. He was returned in August 1962. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1960 – Britain and the confrontation with Indonesia 1960-66. D Easter. IB Tauris 2004.

1960-64 – Sigint, Indonesia and Malaysia 1960s Troops from the UK Australia and New Zealand. Pres Sukarno in 1962. Indonesian troops to raid Malaysia in 1964. UK deployed SAS and Australian and New Zealand troops. Indonesia was Australia’s main signals intel priority through the 1960s even higher than Vietnam. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich. ©2010 UK).

1965 – Pres Sukarno. Lockheed corp payoffs. Sasakawa Ryoichi, the CIA. Kodama Yoshin and Japan’s Yakuza. Lockheed payments and Deak and co. Shig Katzyana, whose ID corp, in the Cayman islands and Paul Helliwell’s Castle bank. (Global research. Peter Dale Scott 6 Sept 2008).

1965 – May 1965, anti Sukarno coup of Sept 1965. Lockheed payments in Indonesia were redirected from a supporter of pres Sukarno to a backer of anti Sukarno general Suharto. Lockheed payments. (Global research. Pete Dale Scott. 6 Sept 2008).

1966 – Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto. Lockheed now dealt directly with air force officers. They paid them bribes into an account in Singapore called ‘the widows and orphans fund’. (Arms bazaar. ©1977 Sampson).

1970s – Sulawesi Indonesia. Even in the 1970s they viewed the US military as an armed guard for the exploitation corporations. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1970 – The Pentagon was supplying free spare parts to the Indonesian air force

August 1975 – March 1976 – The “Brigadoon” left New Zealand and arrived back in New Zealand. They sailed to Thailand to collect buddha sticks. In Bangkok October 1975. The crew contracted malaria while travelling through the Indonesian islands. In hospital for three and a half months in Indonesia. Part of Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd)

28 Nov 1975 – Indonesian human rights in East Timor. Ujang Pandang like Sulawesi. East Timor was an island. East Timor was mainly Roman Catholic, it became independent from Portugal on 28 Nov 1975. Nine days after the Indonesian invasion. The occupation forces killed 200,000 people, one third of the population of East Timor. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).
Dec 1975 – Indonesian consul Amster takeover killing 3 people.

6 Dec 1975 – Suharto, the East Timor massacre was a police state policy. In Aceh more than 10,000 people were killed by the military, thousands more died in the Molucca islands. West Borneo.Irian Jaya and New Guinea. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1977 – The US Carter government blocked declassification of this info until 1977. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

May 1978 – Marty Johnstone was using Mr Asia drug syndicate money to look for oil in Indonesia. Indonesian generals involved in the search for oil. Lost lots of money. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ. J Shepherd).

1980s – Indonesian Salafis got large sums of money from Saudi Arabia. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

1981 – Robert J McMahon. Colonisation and the cold war. The US and the struggle for Indonesian independence 1945-49. Ithaca Cornell uni press.

1991-92 – Banking authorities in Hong Kong tried to find a buyer for BCCI Hong Kong ltd. Indonesia’s Lippo Group would take over the bank.

18 Jan 1991 – Attempted Iraqi attacks on a US post. Iraqi agents planted bombs at the US ambassador to Indonesia’s residence.

Feb 1992 – Hong Kong investigators filed claims of $145 million against the bank. Lippo is run by Mochtar and James Riady, financiers and associates of Indonesian president Suharto.

12 December 1992 – An Earthquake magnitude 7.8 killed 2,700 people in Indonesia.

8 Jan 1996 – Papuan hostage abduction. In Indonesia 200 free Papua movement OPM guerrillas abducted 26 people in the Lorenta nature reserve Irian Jaya province. Indonesian special forces rescued the remaining 9 hostages on 15 May 1996.

1997 – The FPI front Pembela Islam (Islamic defence front), was set up in Indonesia. With the help of the military, to sabotage the movement for democracy. The group attacked clubs and bars forcing owners to pay protection money to the local police.

1997 – The 1997 the Asian economic collapse. Also called the IMF crisis. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

Sept 1997 – The US severed all military ties to Indonesia. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1998 – The fall of Suharto opened the door for Islamic financial institutes. Money from Arab countries poured in.

1998-2004 – Since the fall of Suharto in 1998, New York Times web site, New Orleans based company Freeport McMorRan Copper and gold, made payments of $20 million to miliary commanders and units in Papua in the last 7 years, in exchange for protection of its facilities, finance for Indonesia’s armed forces, Sept 2004 Sulawesi, Newport mining corp based in Denver. (The secret history of the American empires John Perkins ©2007 US).

May 1998 – Suharto was forced to resign after 32 years in power. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1999 – Kenneth Conboy. Feet to the fire. CIA covert operations in Indonesia 1957-58. Annapolic MD US naval institute press.

9 Sept 1999 – Australian unions are targeting Indonesian owned Garuda. Garuda flies without passengers as unions step up. Kirsten Lawson. The Canberra Times ACT. Unions intensify anti Indonesian, national council of trade unions Australia.

2000 – Book, Indonesia an eyewitness account. By Michael Maher. ISBN 0-670-88532-0.

2000 – Ayman al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Atef visited the Moluccas and Irian Jaya. There are Indonesians with Hezbollah, JI, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

2000 – Tangerang outside Jakarta. Nike factory workers on $1.25 a day, poverty wages and living in slums and no unions. New York Times reported that Indonesia rated among the most corrupt countries. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

14 Jan 2000 – Five Nigerian drug suspects killed in Indonesia. BBC London. Cocaine.

mid 2000 – Ayman al-Zawahiri went to Indonesia with a Kuwaiti, Omar Faruq. He was one of bin Laden’s men in the Philippines.

24 Sept 2001 – Muslim groups hunt for Americans. Jakarta Post article.

2002 – Financial transfer of $US 23,000 from Sheikh Abu Abdallah and Emarati of Saudi Arabia to Abu Bakar Bashiyar in Indonesia for the purchase of explosives.

2002 – Noordin Mohammad Top was active in JI’s Mantiqi (One of JI’s regional shuras), but fled with Azahari to Indonesia late 2001 or early 2002. Azahari was involved in the planning of the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 people.

2002 – Operational mastermind of the Southeast Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiyah JI blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings which killed more than 200 people. And the Marriott hotel bombing in Jakarta in 2003. The Indonesian plotter was sentenced in 2004 to life in prison in absentia in Cambodia, over the plot to blow up the British embassy in Phnom Penh.

2002 – Hundreds of import export projects were launched from Kuwait.

2002 – 52% of Indonesians population lived on less that $2 a day, comparable to slavery. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US)

Jan 2002 – Arrest in Indonesia of al Muhammad Saad Iqbal Madnii a Pakistani terror suspect.

7 Feb 2002 – Response to terror. Indonesian cleric tied to 95 anti-US plot. LA Times article. M Fineman. RC Paddock.

25 May 2002 – More than 200 New Zealand soldiers returned from East Timor. Members of the army’s 5th battalion arrived in Christchurch after a tour of duty. The contingent led by Lieutenant Colonel Lofty Hayward returned after helping oversee East Timor’s independence as the 190th member of the UN. NZ’s 6th and final deployment of troops has taken place. More than 600 soldiers made up the largest battalion size group to serve in East Timor. The Timor effort if NZ’s largest offshore army involvement since the Korean war in the 1950’s. More than 4,000 army personnel have served in Timor in recent years. (Chch Press NZPA).

Oct 2002 – Islamist armed groups bombed a Bali nightclub and damaged Indonesia’s economy. The bombing was followed by a crash on the Indonesian stock market which led to a fall in the exchange rate against the $US.

Oct 2002 – Attack on nightclubs in the resort town of Kuta beach in Bali. More than 200 people, including many tourists were killed. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

12 Oct 2002 – A car bomb exploded outside the Sari club disco in Denpasar Bali. It killed 202 people and wounded 300 more. Most of the casualties including 88 of the dead were Australian tourists. Seven Americans were among the dead. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility. Two suspects were later arrested and convicted Iman Samudra who had trained in Afghanistan with al-Qaeda and suspected of belonging to JI was sentenced to death on 10 September 2003.

14 October 2002 – In February 2002 Singapore arrested 13 suspected JI members over plans to bomb the US embassy and the British and Australian high commissions, Jemaah Islamiyah organisation has links with al-Qaeda. In a speech September 2002 US ambassador Tom Schieffer warned that Australia was on al-Qaeda’s target list because of intervention in East Timor in September 1999. Australia has helped Indonesia draft laws on money laundering to help authorities crack down on terrorist networks. (AAP Christchurch Press NZ 14 October 2002).

Aug 2003 – The Marriott hotel was attacked in Jakarta Indonesia. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

17 Jan 2004 – Australian child sex abuse in Bali. The Daily Telegraph Surrey hills NSW. Bali paedophiles.

10 Feb 2004 – Paedophiles target Bali, sex in Bali. David Hardaker. Australian paedophiles target poor children. Child sex tourism, travel. Australian broadcasting corp Sydney.

10 Feb 2004 – Australian group says Bali is a haven for paedophiles.BBC London UK. Bali is a haven for paedophiles from Europe and America.

11 Feb 2004 – Police and child sex abuse in Bali. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Australian paedophiles.

6 Dec 2004 – The tsunami struck. A quarter of a million people were killed from the huge waves. Disaster relief programs. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins (c)2007 US).

24 Dec 2004 – A black day. Victims of the tsunami. A new President in Sept 2004, Gen Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. 10,000 to 15,000 people were killed during 30 years of fighting in Aceh province, before the tsunami swept onto the land from the sea. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

26 Dec 2004 – 9.1 earthquake n Sumatra and tsunamis. 230,000 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

26 Dec 2004 – 270,000 people were killed. 9 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

26 Dec 2004 – 8.1 earthquake. Timetoast.

2005 – Indonesian sweatshops. US Security team guarding tsunami reconstruction, and fighting against fighters in Aceh province. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

2005 – The Saudi Arabian International Islamic Relief Organisation funded 575 mosques in Indonesia. To promote Wahhabi. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the kingdom ©2005 US).

Jan Feb 2005 – In the month after the Tsunami, Jan 2005, the US White House sent $1 million worth of military equipment to Jakarta. New York Times 7 Feb 2005, Aceh. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

28 March 2005 – 1,300 peple were killed in a 8.7 earthquake in Nias Sumatra. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

28 March 2005 – Nias 1,300 people were killed in a 8.7 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

15 March 2006 – Boston Globe report. Bribe memo. Stone Webster company which began in 1889. Crashed and went bankrupt in 2000. Paid illegal bribes of $147 million to a relative of Indonesian president Suharto, to get a contract in Stone Webster. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

26 May 2006 – Java 5,749 people were killed a in7.9 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

27 May 2006 – Java 6.2 earthquake 5,700 people dead (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

27 May 2006 – 5,700 people were killed in a 6.2 earthquake in Java Yogyakarta. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

17 July 2006 – 7.7 earthquake and tsunami Java killed 650 people 70,000 people were made homeless. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

8 Aug 2006 – Saudi charity the international Islamic relief organisation (registered IIRO in NSW 1989), and the Indonesian terror group Jemaah Islamiah. The IIRO charity is registered in NSW under the name of Shafiq Rahman Abdullah Khan Sydney’s Muslim community. A senior IIRO official in Saudi Arabia Abd Al Hamid Sulaiman al-Mujil, bankrolling the al-Qaeda network in South Asia. A major fundraiser for JI group the group that carried out the 2002 Bali bombings. In Indonesia IIRO funded projects of KOMPAK a charity connected to JI. Four of the 13 branch officers were JI members.

19 Sept 2006 – Indonesia becoming regions new drugs gateway. Cameron Stuart. Matthew Franklin. The Australian Canberra ACT. Shipments of heroin cocaine.

19 Sept 2006 – NSW Indonesian drugs smuggling into Australia. AAP General news wire Sydney. South American Andes cocaine.

19 Sept 2006 – Indonesia a drugs gateway into Australia. AAP Bulletin news Sydney. South American Andes cocaine.

July 2008 – The Saudi bin Laden group, a government connected construction company, owned by the family of al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden said, it was spending $4.3 billion to create a farm, the size of Connecticut, out of the dense forest land on the Indonesian island of New Guinea. To grow rice, sugar and soybeans etc.(The shadow market ©2010 Eric J Weiner US.

10 Nov 2008 – Indonesian police target west African drug syndicates. BBC London. Cocaine heroin.

29 Sept 2009 – 7.9 earthquake 1,000 people dead (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

30 Sept 2009 – 7.6 earthquake in Padang 1,100 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

30 Sept 2009 – Sumatra 1,100 people were killed in a 7.6 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

21 June 2010 – Indonesian Daily reports Iran nationals top list of drug smugglers. BBC London.

27 Oct 2010 – Jakarta vy Aubrey Belford. Indonesia struggles after tsunami and volcano. The New York Times Asia Pacific.

17 Jan 2011 – Vivanews.com Indonesia girls sold through Facebook. Rabu.. By Bonardo Maulanaw.

13 Nov 2011 – 6.6 earthquake fault lines, volcanic and seismic activity. Huffington Post.

4 Dec 2011 – Detained Australian boy in Bali released on Sunday. Denpasar Bali Antara news.

5 Dec 2011 – Eruption of Gamalama volcano. Ternate Indonesia. Thousands of residents flee. Earthquake report.

5 Dec 2011 – The Jakarta Post. Greater Jakarta six arrested for human trafficking. Doctor arrested too.

6 Dec 2011 – BNO news wireupdate. Suspected seperatist rebels kill police officer in Indonesia Papua. Jakarta.

7 Dec 2011 – BNO news wire update. Hundreds of people flee Indonesian village in fear of police.

7 Dec 2011 – West Java tops rankings for human trafficking cases. Vanto Saudare.

8 Dec 2011 – The world today ABC news Australia. Indon govt implicated in corruption case. George Roberts. Eleanor Hall. Indonesian bribes.

9 Dec 2011 – RI Russia discuss comprehensive partnership relations. Antara news. Nusa Dua Indonesia and Russia.

2012 – Facebook used to kidnap traffic Indonesian girls. Technology NBC news by Margie Mason AP.

11 April 2012 – 8.7 earthquake in Aceh and tsunami. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

10 October 2012 – School expels girl for being raped. 3 news NZ. Courier Mail.

3 March 2014 – Children in orphanages are sex abused. Gadig Serpog Tangeray Banten.

15 March 2014 – Faisal Abdul Hassan 13 years old. missing Interpol. Sarubaya Indonesia. Assil Abdul Hassan. 8 years old. Interpol missing. Ali Abdul Hassan. 13 years old. Interpol missing. Nabil Abdul Hassan 11 years old. Interpol missing.

13 Aug 2014 – Interpol training in Indonesia, investigating migrant smuggling.

9 Sept 2014 – Earthuake 6.5 hit near Sula. The Epoch Times AP USA Today.

12 Oct 2014 – Indonesian disasters and Australian paedophiles, child sex predators. Michael Bachelard. Sun Herald NSW.

20 Oct 2014 – Joko Widodo was sworn in as Indonesia’s new president. ABC news Australia.

22 Oct 2014 – Australian’s were flying from Darwin to the Philippines. Daily Mail UK. Fairfax media. Two Australian pilots were arrested at gunpoint and forced to land for violating Indonesian air space. Louise Cheer

27 Oct 2014 – Indonesian union plans one month strike over copper. Reuters. 6 Nov strikes until 6 Dec. Financial Post.

15 Nov 2014 – 7.3 earthquake and a tsunami warning was issued. Reuters. US geo survey. BBC tsunami alert after earthquake.

27 Nov 2014 – 6.8 earthquake hits Indonesia. Dawn.com Jakarta US geological survey. IBN live.

3 Dec 2014 – Orphanages. 10 years jail for sex abuse. Jakarta Post. Tangerang district countr. Orphanage owner Chemy Samuel Watulingas got ten years jail.

5 Dec 2014 – NZ Herald. Kiwi, New Zealander held in Bali Indonesia for smuggling 1.7kg meth from Hong Kong. Anna Keask. Anthony Glen De Malmanche.

5 Dec 2014 – A New Zealander in Bali Indonesia smuggled 1.7kg of meth. ODT. Wanganui man on his first trip outside NZ. A welfare recipient. Who cant afford a lawyer, or a plane flight.

5 Dec 2014 – Kiwi arrested in Indonesian meth charges. AAP new Sydney. Allegedly smuggling 1.7kg of crystal meth.

5 Dec 2014 – Kiwi faces death for Bali meth smuggling. NZ news Wellington. Leeza Ormsby caught in Lombok with 1.73 grams of crystal meth in her handbag.

9 Dec 2014 – “I was set up” says accused New Zealand meth smuggler. Antony De Malmanche aged 52 with back pain. His cousin says he is dumb. Family dislikes. He told One news that he was set up. He says he is a victim. I was set up. He knew nothing about the meth in his bag. The police used him in a sting, leading police to a meeting with a woman at a Kuta hotel.

12 Dec 2014 – Landslide kills 8, officers search for 100 missing people. Int business times. Heavy rains landslide.

24 Dec 2014 – Donations pour in for Kiwi facing drugs smuggling charges in Bali, and possible death penalty. TVNZ One news. $10,000 has been donated for his legal fund. NZ donations and posting on Facebook. Antony de Malmache aged 52 charged with 1,7 kg of meth.

22 Jan 2015 – Bali drug accused New Zealander is a victim of an international cartel, says lawyer. TVNZ. Police call him ‘dead in the water’. Trial nears. NZ City. Yahoo news and 3news NZ.

24 Jan 2015 – Indonesian police arrest deputy head of the anti corruption agency. NZ Herald. Jakarta AP. Senior police officers and corruption.


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