“The Jews of Jihad”

by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami, An article who has been promoted by ISIS media to the forefront.

In it he says “Al-Qaeda wants to infiltrate the Khilafa and deviate their methodology (Manhaj) from the inside until it becomes compatible with them. And if the infiltrators fail in deviating the group they would defect from us to say that the khilafa is deviant.”

And then to explain how this is happening he used as an example the group in Yemen who refused to obey the command of the Islamic State in Yemen.

And Abu Maysarah al-Shami built all of these notion based on a letter sent by Abu ‘Eyad Al-Tunisi (the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia in Tunisia) to Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he advised him to pledge allegiance to the Islamic state and to correct their methodology from within.

The aim of the article of Abu Maysarah al-Shami was to make a pre-emptive attack against anyone who may defect or oppose their corruption in their methodology or in their administration at a later time, those who would witness their situations, by saying that these people are implementing the plan laid down by Al-Qaeda  to distort the image of the Khilafa and to cause disorder (Fitan) and nothing else…!

In reality they are imitating the tyrant regimes that respond to everyone opposing them by requesting his rights or condemning some of their policies, by saying that he is an agent of the external parties. So if this person is discredited then the people would automatically ignore his demands, just like in the saying “If the speaker is discredited the speech is discredited”.

The dictatorial states would often try to turn away the people’s attention away from the demands laid down by some of the leaders of reform by saying that they are agents of foreign governments, in order to discredit them by character assassination, because when that happens they lose credibility in the eyes of the people, and the people will not support them in their demands, and the people will always look at them suspiciously thinking that when they speak the truth they are actually seeking evil. And this is the aim of the article.

The funny thing is that they themselves have implemented this notion.

For example, the commander Abu Dharr Al’Iraqi claimed that he repented for being in ISIS and left them and joined Jabhat Nusra! And he appeared in the series “Haqaa’iq Min Ad-Daakhil” (Truth from the inside) which was released unofficially by the media committee of Jabhat Nusra in the Sharqiyya (eastern) region. And then after a period of time, this person returned to ‘the mother organisation’ ISIS and appeared in a video which was released by “Ubuwa Laasiqa” which is one of the media wings of ISIS and he attacked Jabhat Nusra, and said that he actually didn’t repent for being in ISIS and that he still supports them..!!! [1]

So if the Jews of Jihad are manifested by “infiltrating groups to deviate them and upon failing to do so then defecting from it and returning to the initial organisation and then slander the group he tried to infiltrate”, then this matter is manifest in ISIS itself! And the proof is what we have just presented.

But the most important point is: Did Al-Qaeda really agree to apply this notion?

Abu Maysarah Al-Shami used as proof a letter of Abu Eyaad which was merely a suggestion. And then he dealt with the letter as though it got implemented and applied in reality. But is that the case? In the letter Abu Eyaad suggested to Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri to give allegiance to the Khilafa! So did Al Qaeda and its affiliates give the pledge of allegiance to ISIS?

The answer is no. So Al-Qaeda did not implement this advice of Abu Eyaad At-Tunisi!

The second point is, if Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is aware of the archive of correspondence of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Morocco) and he knows about his letters, then why did he ignore Abu Eyaad’s second letter which he sent after this one, in which he took back his suggestion and asked to ignore it?!

Abu Eyaad had actually sent another letter a month after this letter saying in it: “I write to you today by correcting the errors in my advice after seeing the events develop by asking you to consider my advice and proposal as if they never were made. ِAnd I think that what is most appropriate and correct for the people of truth is to renounce these and to disassociate from them and expose their extremism and to turn towards that which will benefit the Ummah and reform it.”

So the one who suggested had retracted it, and the one who was advised did not implement the advice!

Despite that Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is insisting that they are implementing this notion, only to silence the voice of anyone who would defect and expose them later on and condemn their mistakes and their extremism, by them saying that this person was planted by Al Qaeda and his goal is to distort the image of the Khilafa.

And the most interesting point is that his opponents who broke away from ISIS in Yemen embarrassed him and refuted his article and destroyed all of his arguments which he wrote in the article which was an attempt to make them look like they are implementing Al-Qaida’s notion of infiltrating the ranks of ISIS..!!! And they called him for a Mubahalah (invoking Allah’s curse on the liar) and Suhaib Al-Awlaqi, one of the leaders in this group openly called for a Mubahala in his personal telegram channel. Nine months have passed since then, and Abu Maysarah Al-Shami still hasn’t responded to this Mubahalah to back up his arguments in which he said that they have infiltrated the ranks of ISIS for the sake of Al-Qaeda.

In the end we will be discovering that this notion was in fact applied by ISIS themselves, and it was neither accepted nor applied by Al-Qaeda, which means that they (ISIS) deserve the most to be described as the “Jews of Jihad”. And so all of these statements taken by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami as evidence are applicable on him as well as his group.

And our final supplications are by praising Allah the Lord of all that exists.


[1] And after that the Abu Dhar Al Iraqi and Abu Saeed Al Iraqi appeared in a video footage of Ubuwa Laasiqa claiming that Jabha forced him to record the video and give a false testimony in order to tarnish the image of ISIS. We have asked the brothers from Jabhatun Nusrah who conducted the interview with him on that day, and they said “We make Mubahala (invocations for the curse of God to be sent on whoever of us is lying) that this ‘compulsion’ never happened, and that what that man said was from his own choice and his request which came in the series “ISIS – Realities from the inside”. Rather he used to insist that they are criminals and that he has repented for his actions with them. And he mentioned in the interview details those which we ourselves did not ask him in the recording, and he spoke in details and mentioned truthful testimonies in the statement on the crimes of ISIS. So we say “May God curse the one who is lying amongst us if we had forced him or dictated to him what he should say. And Allah is a witness to what we are saying”.  – The comment by the media foundation which published the article in Arabic “Kataaib Rad’e Al Khawaarij”.




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