Exclusive: The “Mujahideen” Poisons Handbook

The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook
by Abdel-Aziz
—Homemade Poisons
Nicotine (from Tobacco)
Alkaloid of Potato
Betaluminum Poison
Poisonous Toadstools
Chemical Poisons
Arsenic Oxide
Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Azide
Mercuric Nitrate
Poisonous Elements
Dust of Diamond
Poisonous Gases
Hydrogen Sulphide Gas
Hydrogen Cyanide Gas
Fusogen (Nerve Gas)
Nitrous Oxide: N
(Laughing Gas)
Carbon Monoxide
On Using Gases
Poisonous / Useful Drugs
Di-phenyl Ether
M.Ahter Poisons
Analene (C₆H₅NH₂)
Touching Poisons
Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) Gas
Cobalt Chloride (CoCl₂)
Alcolite Poison
Castor Beans (Ricin) Poison
Figure 1: Nicotine
Figure 2: Alkaloid of Potato
Figure 3: Meat (before)
Figure 4: Meat (after)
Figure 5: Toadstools
Figure 6: Using gases
Figure 7: Sodium Sulphide (NaS) gas – done
This file is dedicated to Breather. May Allah reward him every time it is used in his path and may he help him in his difficulties. ameen. To the Mujahideen of Afghanistan – who lit the flame of jihad in the hearts of every sincere Muslim throughout the world. “you will conquer Constantinople and Rome”- prophet Muhammad (saw)
In The Name of Allah The Most Merciful The Most Kind
The subject matter of this booklet deals with poisons. Poisons are substances which cause harm to the human body when administered in small doses. It is an esoteric knowledge and must only be passed on to those who truly intend to use it Fee-Sabeelillah.
The lethal doses given often have a question mark beside them. That is because the quantities given are not established medical facts – only estimates based on experiments with rabbits. It is hoped that the brothers who work on this subject will research further – carry out their own experiments (on kuffar preferably) and refer to medical books etc. to fill in what is missing.
This book is a copy of Breather’s notes with additions from author, as both did the same course.

Notes are taken from a poisons course with certain ‘terrorist groups’ or ‘freedom fighters’ depending on which side of the fence you sit on. I have not bothered to clean it up as a published book should be, but it is left in a rather messy form, as my notes were at the time.
As ABDEL-AZIZ was learning from people whose first language was not English, some of the names of chemicals, properties etc. are wrong.
Warning: Be very careful when preparing poisons. It is much, much more dangerous than preparing explosives! author knows of several Mujahids whose bodies are finished due to poor protection etc.
On the positive side, you can be confident that the poisons have actually been tried and tested.
Abdel-Aziz. (7 February 1996)
P.S. I had to add this warning as I’ve seen a strange trend in wannabe Mujahids lately!
Don’t become an over paranoid James Bond figure, especially when you haven’t done anything illegal even!
Don’t get carried away with silly movies/books (Bravo 2 Zero) or propaganda about ‘special forces’ such as SAS, Seals etc. They’re just a bunch of boys with big egos and good at running long distances.
Equally, don’t think there is such a thing as a super terrorist. “I’ve been with the likes of Hekmatyer, Black September and associates of Carlos the Jackal, and just like the ‘special forces’, they’re only human.”
“The training and preparation is nothing compared to the strength of the individual’s character and the assistance Allah provides on the day!”

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