ISIS EMARAT AFGHANISTAN: US And Its Allies Achieve Success in Afghanistan

The invaders and their internal supporters always talk about democracy and achievements in Afghanistan and bring them to the country. But this question arises in what happened in the past half of a decade, with the invasion, they won. Is the state-owned landscaping, robbery and drug trafficking in government vehicles? Does not exist in schools of clinics, clinics, soldiers and militias? Are generals in Urdu not sold? The deputy speaker of parliament is accused of the parliament and he is accused of corruption. Is Evolutionary And The Old Culture Disclosed And Troubled With Holy Spirit? These are the things that Kabul administration officials themselves can not deny daily. Four million people in the country are addicted to heroin and the number increases on day-by-day.

Who does not have a lunch box but some have luxury in Dubai and Europe.
Does the administration and officials of this administration organize national interest and not loyal to foreign interests and do not develop their manifestations? Which country does it all return to? Every Afghan should think.

On the other hand, the prisoners of the country are filled with one another name, Afghans are tortured and tortured by a common confession, and the prisoners who are expelled from the closing period are released. In the years of the year’s closure, the democracy and human rights assistants believe that there is nothing.
The shame is that the President and the Executive Director himself take a call to the US at the Bagram base with a phone call. The country’s air and ground-conditioned foreigners have control over the visas.

Which Afghan will tell you achieve achievements and ask for more persistence. The fact is that in the wake of the invasion, our country is facing a disaster with a military, political, economic and socially. What the invaders and the internal supporter mentioned in the name of progress and achievements is indeed the destruction and deviation of our country and nation. The Islamic Emirate is keenly trying to pull out the current situation of the country and the nation, but it is the responsibility of all the Afghan people to clay this big and prosperous task and pay their historical role, because the damages are also all and prevented. He also has all the work.




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