CompiledReports–In wake of the arrest of two people in Delhi, who were dealing drugs ordered from the darknet, reports emerging from that case also revealed that one of the culprits is a freelance journalist.

Mahesh Goyal was researching the malpractices associated with the same crime he got involved with. He crossed paths with the suppliers and then went straight into business with them.

Mahesh Goyal was arrested together with an accomplice who works as a Disco Jockey for supplying ecstasy and MDMA for the youth at rave parties.

When Goyal was questioned by the police, he revealed that he met some supplier’s while he was searching the dark web for articles and decided to order his first pack. After this encounter, he later contacted the suppliers again to hook him up with small quantities of ecstasy and MDMA, popularly known as party drugs. Upon receiving the order, Goyal then sold the drugs to organizers of rave parties.

A Facebook profile with Goyal’s name and a photo is been scanned by the police as they suspect him to be one of the most reliable contacts that the dealers used in securing the market in the NCR. In addition, he is believed to be part of a political party in Chennai but unfortunately, his associations could not be verified by the police.

The investigation also revealed that Goyal had actually met some of the suppliers and with this, the police hoped that this disclosure would be of help in reaching the suppliers who normally hid behind different usernames to disguise their identities. This is because the websites only allow entry after the administrators have solid reasons to believe that the customer is not bait.

Since Goyal claimed to have met some of them, there isn’t much of a worry that something might go sour.

Goyal was arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch alongside his partner in crime, Kamal Kalara who worked as a Disc Jockey. The two were accused of supplying drugs that were ordered from the dark web to youths at rave parties and nightclubs of which Kamal Kalara happens to be connected with. It was revealed that the whole drug operation was done only by the use of bitcoins.

Kamal Kalara was the first to get arrested in Rohini after the Delhi Police Crime Branch received a tip-off about his doings. It was during interrogation that he named an accomplice, Mahesh Goyal. He was later arrested by the police while in possession of 20 grams of MDMA. Kamal Kalara upon his arrest had on him 100 (42 grams) of ecstasy.

During interrogation, Goyal said he went to a party of which he had his first taste of ecstasy, while still staying in Chennai. He then learned later that, he could obtain such drugs on the dark web marketplaces and decided to give it a try.

He then made a payment of Rs 2.36 lakh, through RTGS to someone who converted the amount into bitcoin. After the payment, the drug was delivered by post with a greeting from the Netherlands and was later supplied to his accomplice, Kamal Kalara.

Speaking after the arrest, Rajesh Deo of DCP Crime Branch, stated that: “The interrogation revealed that on the ‘Deep Net’ there are sites where the drugs are available, further the payments are being received in ‘Bitcoins’. For payments of Indian rupees the equivalent amount of ‘Bitcoin’ is provided to the Deep Net marketplaces through which payments can be made to procure the drugs,” Rajesh Deo added.

Reports from the police suggest that, there could be a possible remand of Goyal and that the police might also visit Chennai, where they suspect that a major drug ring was responsible for the supply of these party drugs.

In addition, the police will also question some youths who used to pay Goyal a visit, disguising themselves as medical representatives. The police believe they could have supplied him with the drugs.


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