Haftar Troops Violations Extended to Graves’ Exhumation

smc.sd— In a move that drew condemnation from various circles, the forces of Khalifa Haftar exhumed of 118 graves in the area of Sirte, Libya, including dead Justce and |Equality Movement (JEM) forces during the clashes in Al-Hilal Oil area last year, which was interpreted as an attempt to cover up by the forces of Haftar on the participation of JEM In fighting with them.
The step of digging the graves comes as an attempt to hide all the evidence for the participation of mercnaries in the battle of Al-Hilal Oil, where Colonel Salem Deryag, commander of operations in the central region, confirmed, in a letter to Haftar, that presence of the bodies of JEM in Sirte may cause problems in the future. He said that he held a meeting with Hilal Baamoud (apparently the coordination officer with the rebel movement) to convince Ali Eshaq Jaber, the field commander of the friendly forces (JEM) to dig these graves and bury them in remote places away from the pastoral areas, asking Hafter orders on the re-burial of the bodies of the dead of the movement in the valleys of Sharif or Zogiat or in Bon in the suburbs of Zellah.
This incident brings to mind the fact that the fighters of Haftar, in March, exhumed the bodies of the dead of the Shura Council of Benghazi rebels when they enter the area of ??Qunfotha, where these bodies were subjected to the deportation, representation and hanging, and the most prominent incident in Benghazi is the exhumation of the grave of the prominent military commander of the Revolutionary Council, Jalal Al-Makhzoum, where the body was placed on a car, roused by the armed forces of Haftar in Benghazi, amid a state of hysteria of joy and shooting and screaming and insulting and cursing and spitting on it, and then hanged the body.
A number of Libyan in social networking sites considered that what happened was barbaric in violation of Islamic law and not suitable for Muslims and against all human rights standards.
Haftar used for harboring and supporting rebel movements in Sudan, focusing on sheltering some of the fleeing of JEM remnants after its collapse and expulsion from Darfur, and attracting them to fight with him, where Haftar rewarded the rebel movements with supplying them with arms and equipment with the help of some countries and entities hostile to the Libyan national accord government.
Haftar has used, since his appearance, to get help of Darfur movements to fight with him, where Sudan has not been spared over the past years from the hostility of the man, who has been striving to turn Darfur into a hotbed of conflict and fighting as he has done in Libyan cities. The negative effects of cooperation between Haftar and mercenary movements have spread to include the Libyan people, who have been suffering from mercenary practices of looting and killing, as well as commanders of Haftar, who have caused corruption in Libya.
It is known that JEM has turned to fighting with Major General Haftar’s forces in accordance with a prior agreement in order to obtain funds and weapons in order to regain its forces after all its military strongholds have lost after military defeats inflicted by the Sudanese Armed Forces in Darfur and have been fighting in Libya despite UN appeals, which has already demanded their exit from Libya.
Darfur movements mercenaries represented a significant presence in the Libyan scene, where they participated with the forces of Hafter in clashes with the guard forces of oil facilities to control the port of Ras Lanuf and the vicinity of the port of Sidra, but the Guard forces recovered, after days, control of AL-Hilal Oil area in the eastern Libyan, where on Al-Hasi, a spokesman for the Petroleum Services Guard, Central Branch, accused the JEM of participating in the attack led by the forces of Haftar, pointing out that the rebel movement launched an attack on the said area to control it.
The cooperation of the Darfur movements with Haftar and their entry into the Libyan conflict is considered suicide by the movements, which are seeking weapons from Libya to continue the war inside Sudan from Darfur.
Observers believe that the Darfur movements will be the biggest loser because they have not been able to read the situation correctly either in Sudan or in Libya and the step of digging graves is confirmed the participation of mercenary forces in fighting with the forces of Haftar.
There is no doubt that the exhumation of graves is a violation of international and humanity law and violation of the sanctity of the dead, since all legal legislation in the world prohibits insulting the human after his death.


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