Shin Bet Mole 14/1/18 חפרפרת בשב”כ MK accused of Shin Bet leaks 1/14/18 1:11 PM PDT

Boaz Guttman–During 1990s police probe into Aryeh Deri, ex-head of domestic security agency Yaakov Peri allegedly handed over intel on wiretaps to embattled interior minister–(Times of Israel – 1/14/18)

MK Yaakov Peri, a former Shin Bet agency head, over an investigative TV report alleging the ex-security chief leaked sensitive information to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri about police wiretaps of his associates during a corruption investigation into the Shas leader two decades ago.

The “Uvda” report aired last Wednesday unearthed a report from a covert probe in 1995 that saw two of the three-person panel of investigators conclude that Peri — also a former science minister — was likely the source of the 1991 leaks to Deri, after the then-Shin Bet chief was found to be lying on a series of polygraph tests.

Peri, who conceded to having a “good relationship” with Deri at the time, has firmly denied the allegations.

The “Uvda” report examined confidential information obtained by a Deri aide, Moshe Weinberg, on how police wiretaps were approved by the Shin Bet and put into place by the Bezeq telecommunication company. Weinberg was also able to detail who was being recorded in the investigation into the interior minister, confounding the investigators.

“There is someone in the Shin Bet who tells,” Weinberg was recorded as telling a state witness, who was wearing a hidden mic affixed by police in a bid to incriminate Weinberg.

Recordings aired by the TV show also saw Deri quizzing Weinberg about the tapes and “when they would be ready.”

The TV report quoted investigators on the case saying they were “astounded” by the revelation and also found Weinberg’s information to be accurate.

“He [Weinberg] didn’t lie. He knew exactly who was being listened to,” a former investigator told “Uvda.” “We thought we must be dreaming.”

Fearing the leaks would overshadow the corruption probe into Deri, police ignored the information and locked away the tapes, according to “Uvda.”

But four years later, in 1995, the attorney general appointed three investigators to secretly probe the leaks, after the information came to light during the Deri trial.

As part of the internal investigation, the Shin Bet and police were asked to submit to a polygraph test.

Peri told “Uvda” he was was tested once, with the polygraph proving “inconclusive.”

But documents aired on the TV show indicated that Peri was grilled on a polygraph four times, and while some of the results were inconclusive, the Shin Bet chief found to be lying on numerous occasions.

According to the documents, Peri was found to be telling the truth when asked whether he handed over documents on the wiretaps, but was found to be lying when asked whether he gave over information on the recordings to an unauthorized figure.

In the fourth round of questioning, Peri was asked whether he inquired within the Shin Bet about wiretaps around Deri’s Jerusalem home. The Shin Bet chief denied it and was found to be lying. He was also determined to be lying when again asked whether he handed over information about the wiretaps, according to the TV show’s documents.


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