The Exoneration: “Al – Zawahiri’s Book full of lies, calumnies, jurisprudential fallacies, and indirections”- Dr. FadI Sayed Imam Abdulaziz al-Sharif

Is the Jihad movement collapsing on itself from the inside?

Dr. FadI Sayed Imam Abdulaziz al-Sharif  Jihad theoretician and allegedly the founding father of Al Jihadi, the precursor to Al-Qaeda) released a revision of the rules of Jihad. (Rationalizations on Jihad in Egypt and the World [2008]). – Full Document Below


Dr Fadl’s position among the jihadists and the nature of his long relationship with Dr al-Zawahiri. Certainly, Dr Fadl had for years been regarded as the master mind and ideologue of jihadi activity, so much that the Jihad Group (Jamaa’at al-Jihad) of Egypt had no hesitation conferring on him the title of “The mufti of the jihadists worldwide”. Also his friend Ayman al-Zawaheri was so convinced of his credentials that he vehemently urged him to take on the role of leader (Amir) of the Jihad Group when they met in the city of Peshawar on the Afghani-Pakistani border during the eighties of the past century. This title
of Amir that al-Zawahiri was eager to bestow upon Dr Fadl does in fact reflect his yearning to imitate and at the same time rival the Islamic Group (al-Jamaa’a al-Islamiyya) which had at its helm another great legal scholar in the person of Sheik Omar Abdal-Rahman.
Al–Zawahiri met Dr Fadl fifty eight years ago in the corridors of the medical faculty at Cairo University in 1968. This collegial environment of the university allowed the two to meet regularly and converse about all kinds of issues beyond their common interest in medicine, and to ultimately form a friendship that would last many years after the two had graduated. This friendship, it is worth recalling, was to take on other proportions about forty years ago, particularly in the wake of the collapse of the grand Nassiri project, and was to consolidate further during the wave of political Islam that swept through Egypt during the era of the late president Anwar al-Sadat and reached its peak after the assassination of the latter in 1981. Following this event, Dr Fadl left for Saudi Arabia where he was soonjoined and by al-Zawahiri after his release from jail in 1986. From there, they went to Afghanistan and were at the heart of the jihadi resistance to the Soviet invasion, and then both made their way to Sudan where they finally parted ways in 1994, following a growing difference of opinion between the two of them regarding the jihadi philosophy of the Tanzeem, notably after al-Zawahiri had succeeded inswaying the Group towards the course of violence and armed confrontation withthe Egyptian regime, and before the latter had finally joined al-Qaeda followinghis infamous deal with Osama Bin Laden in 1998, which saw the birth of theInternational Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders (al-Jabhaal-Islaamiyaa al-‘Aalamiyya li Jihad al-Yahud wa al-Nasaara)  After Sudan, Dr Fadl went to Yemen where he worked as a doctor under his real name, al-Seyyid Imam Abdul-Aziz. However, the authorities in Yemen handed him over to Egypt to face the sentence of life imprisonment in a court trial known the case of “The returnees from Albania”. While Abdul-Aziz was doing time in jail, his friend continued on the path he had chosen for himself along his new companion Osama Bin Laden. Both al-Zawahiri and Bin Laden had dreams in the Afghani caves that soon turned to crazy quests that Muslims all over the world had to pay the price for. When Dr Fadl published his Document for the Guidance of Jihadi Action about a year ago, it fell like a bombshell whose impact was most disruptive to the jihadi planners of al-Qaeda. The die-hards of the organisation were so taken aback by Dr Fadl’s document; they wasted no time nor spared effort in mounting a response to it. Al-Zawahiri and his ilk were naturally fully aware of the weight of such a document: it was after all authored by the Sheik Abdul-Qader Bin Abdul-Aziz (Dr Fadl) who may not only be regarded as the foremost ideologue of jihadi activity in the organization (tanzeem), but also of al-Qaeda if one takes into consideration the fact that his books and ideas have become the very basis of the organisation’s ideology after it had formed an alliance with the Group. It was due to this trepidation that The Document had caused in the ranks of al-Qaeda, that the book of al-Zawahiri, ‘The Exoneration of the Nation’ appeared encyclopaedic and contrived: despite attempts to embellish it with all kinds of fakeries, and using all sorts of arguments, al-Zawahiri’s book is trite and fails to make an impression on the reader or evoke his interest, let alone convince him.

Perspectives on the occupation of Iraq and Al-Qaeda coming from the insides of those organizations. a way to glimmering of understanding of their motives and rationales.

Summary of Rules he suggested;

1. The life or property of a muslim can not be harmed or taken from him.

2. Jihad against the leaders of muslim countries is not allowed.

3. It is forbidden to harm foreigners or tourists in muslim countries.

4. It’s an illegal betrayal to kill people in a non-muslim country if you have gotten into the country with permission of the government.

5. People shall not attempt to commit Jihad on their own.
6. The person committing Jihad must not only be physically capable, but also financially capable in his own right. There is nothing in Islam which condones kidnapping or theft as a way to finance Jihad.

7. The Jihadists must be able to take care of their family, also after they have comitted Jihad.

8. The parents must approve if their children wish to commit Jihad. God does not accept Jihad without the parents’ permission.

Dr. Fadl is currently in Egyptian prison. He is claimed to have divorced from the practical side of Jihads in 1994 and lived oddly in peace with Yemen security forces until he was arrested after 9/11, because of pressure from the US.

EXCERPTS: “Commenting further on the behaviour of the Arab  Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, Dr Fadl went on to say:  “This emotionality and impulsivity appears to have taken a much tighter grip over  the action of the jihadists and have become in time their hallmark, such that in  recent years they were led to commit mass-killings and genocides in the name if Islam and jihad. I know the people who perpetrated those crimes, just as I know the extent of their religious knowledge and their stance vis-à-vis religion. Indeed, not only have these people committed crime, they have even had the audacity to find a jurisprudential basis for it in Islamic law. Dr. Fadi pointed to some of the salient features of this ‘exonerative jurisprudence’ and have exposed it in my Document for the Guidance of Jihadi Action and in the journalistic interview which was later added to that document. But the followers of this corrupt doctrine and jurisprudence from the members of alQaeda were led by arrogance to morecrime and so after months were able to summon up a reply to the document, though it seems that they have began preparing their response well before my document was published, and that more than one attempt was tried prior to the present response. Indeed, the first attempt appears to go back a few years and came to an end in July of 2007, when one of those members who took on the task of replying to the document was killed in Sana’a, Yemen, this was followed by a second attempt which was discontinued in January 2008 when another member was killed in Waziristan in Pakistan, and finally that most hapless wretch from among them, al-Zawahiri, rushed forward to commit his evil deed in March of the same year, and wrote his own response to the “document” in a book he named ‘The Exoneration of the Nation’. Al-Zawahiri had no qualms tampering with the truths of Islam and seemed to have completely ignored the lesson in the death of his two precursors, no doubt thinking that he could not possibly meet the same fate as theirs. Concerning such behaviour, God, may He be exalted, has said: “And, indeed, We tested them through suffering, but they did not abase themselves before their Sustainer; and they will never humble themselves” (23:76), and also:”

Full Document:  Unveiling th e Great Deception in al – Zawahiri_s ‘Exoneration of the Nation_


2010, Al-Zawahiri released a 2016-page rebuttal (“The Exoneration”) of the document, choosing to highlight the fact that Dr. Fadl contradicts his own, earlier work and leaves important questions Dr. Fadl brought to the forefront unanswered.Al-Zawahiri also chooses to warn the author and readers of the work  that Dr. Fadl wrote this while under incarceration and the only beneficiary of the document is the United States. He claims that Dr. Fadl has been pressured by “Crusader and Zionistic” forces.

BULLET POINTS: Ayman Al-Zawahiri, has engaged in an ideological counter offensive against his detractors.

First, in early March 2008, he published a 188-page Arabic book online titled The Exoneration: A Treatise Exonerating the Community of the Pen and the Sword from the Debilitating Accusation of Fatigue and Weakness.   In it, he responds to the November 2007 criticisms of his former mentor, Sayid Imam Abdel-Aziz Al-Sharif (Abdel-Aziz), who lambasted him for misapplying the doctrine of jihad and for bringing harm to the Muslim world. Then in late March, Zawahiri released part one of his response to questions he solicited online from other militants.

Around the same time, he also released a statement on the plight of the Palestinians.
Many of the themes and arguments in the book, the Q&A, and thestatement overlap, suggesting a campaign to repair the ideological and pu blic relations damage done to
Al-Qaida over the past year. The broad thrust of the campaign is to defend the religious legitimacy and political efficacy of attacks that affect civilians. It is also to explain why Al-Qaida’s strategic focus has been on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Algeria instead of the Palestinian Territories and Egypt or responding to European insults to the Prophet Mohammed. The number of his statements which have been released and their detailed nature suggest that Al-Qaida’s senior leadership is concerned that it is losing its relevance among its base.
Zawahiri gives four indications as to Al-Qaida’s current strategic orientation.
First, he wants Al-Qaida in Iraq to shift its violence away from Shi’a civilians and towards Shi’a militias.
Second, Zawahiri calls for militants to increase attacks against Jewish targets
abroad in the near term and against Israeli targets in Israel and the Palestinian Territories in the long term.
-Third, he calls for the death of those associated with the cartoons of the Prophet in Europe.
– Fourth, Zawahiri wants militants in Egypt to ready themselves to seize the opportunity when Hosni Mubarak dies. By focusing on Israel, ending sectarian viol ence against civilians in Iraq, punishing Europeans who have insulted Mohammed, and overthrowing the unpopular Mubarak, Al-Qaida may be tryingto increase its diminished popularity by highlighting issues that resonate with popular Muslim resentment.

For more on Al-Zawahiri’s rebuttal, SIW-AQ-2010



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