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Social and Political Economies of the Internet in the Middle East

Working for free is foundational to the Internet and its early development in the public sector, from the assiduous efforts of its creators to spread the ethos and practices of their work, to preserving those as alternatives against others that … Continue reading

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Social and Political Economies of the Internet in the Middle East

From the initial establishment of Internet connections in the early 1990s, through extending those to more users and more uses around the turn of the millennium, to today’s proliferation of social media among youth, discussion has circled in political terms around informational freedom and eroding authoritarian regimes, and in economic terms around informational development Continue reading

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In recent years, many previously classified US diplomatic cables have been released relating to nuclear proliferation in South Korea during the later years of the Park Chung Hee era in the 1970s. They paint a more complete picture of the nation’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons than was previously known, especially in the period between 1976 and 1978.

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