President Erdogan

▪️ “We are repeating our call to prevent the attempted coup by the Putschist Hafter to sell oil, which is the right of the Libyan people, through illegal ways.”

▪️ “We will act with Serrac on all international platforms to solve the problem in Libya on the basis of legitimacy and equity.”

▪️ “(With Libyan Prime Minister Serrac) We reached a consensus on expanding our cooperation areas in Libyan territory.”

Libyan Prime Minister Serrac:
▪️ “We want to see Turkish companies in Libya during the reconstruction of Libya”


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1 Response to LIBYA

  1. Mounir Hamza says:

    From an Egyptian stand point Gen. Haftar is the man to back the ally to support. As for Turkish presence in Libya it reminds one of the unwelcomed and undesirable foreign presence in Syria. Turkey for that matter is meddling in other people’s business there and here. Libyan affairs ought to be left for Libyans to decide.


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