When “History Matters No More”: Virginia taking Robert E. Lee’s Monument Down

Rainbow over the General Robert E. Lee statue

In the last several years, monuments to Confederates has disappeared across the nation. Should this be condoned?

Should Americans demand that any or all of the following be removed? If not, why?

1. The Connecticut Twenty-Ninth Colored Regiment, C. V. Infantry; New Haven, Connecticut.
2. The African-American Civil War Memorial – The Spirit Of Freedom; Washington, District of Columbia
3. Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th Regiment; Washington, District of Columbia
4. 2nd Regiment Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops; Fort Myers, Florida
5. Memorial to the Forgotten Soldiers; Key West, Florida
6. Colored Soldiers Monument (AKA Kentucky African American Civil War Veterans Monument); Frankfort, Kentucky
7. In Memory of More Than 400 Prominent United States Colored Troops from Kent County; Chestertown, Maryland
8. Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th Regiment; Boston, Massachusetts
9. African American Monument; Vicksburg, Mississippi
10. 1st Kansas Colored Infantry Civil War Monument – “Battle of Island Mound”; Butler, Missouri
11. 56th United States Colored Troops Monument; St. Louis, Missouri
12. Soldiers’ Memorial at Lincoln University, Missouri; Jefferson City, Missouri
13. In Memory of the Colored Union Soldiers; Hertford, North Carolina
14. Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, Cleveland, Ohio
15. United States Colored Troops National Monument; Nashville, Tennessee
16. West Point Monument (AKA Norfolk African-American Civil War Memorial); Norfolk, Virginia
17. Civil War Monument; Portsmouth,Virginia

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