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Blood of supposedly recovered coronavirus patients being sold on dark web

Research head Professor Rod Broadhurst said the blood was being offered as a Kind of “passive vaccination,” where somebody who thinks they might be At the risk of disease receives antibodies for the virus by injecting the plasma. Continue reading

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A pragmatic partnership: Why China and Iran try to collaborate

The deal is rumoured to involve security cooperation and intelligence sharing. Any Chinese-Iranian military and security collaboration – while viewed as a provocative move by the West – is likely to be a slow-burner. Continue reading

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The No Name ATM/Debit & Credit Card

Protect Your Privacy With A NO NAME ATM/DEBIT CARD! Continue reading

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Shocking Confessions of a Chinese Fentanyl Trafficker

According to Yue confession, the drug trafficker halted his fentanyl production and sales operation in May. The trafficker changed his scope to target the sale of coronavirus-related supplies like COVID-19 testing kits and respirator masks, which have become scarce and in high demand2 across the U.S. Continue reading

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Two Chinese Charged for Aiding North Korean Crypto Theft

Aside from facilitating the money laundering scheme, the two are also accused of running an exchange platform without any licenses. Continue reading

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U.S. Firearm Sales Break All Records Last Month

Mark Oliva from the National Shooting Sports Fund (NSFF) considers, that riots, robberies and calls for the dissolution of the police are motivating factors for the growth in the sale of firearms in the United States. According to the fund, arms sales in June 2020 years exceeded the same figure for June last year by 137,7 percent. Continue reading

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Leaked Images From Paypal Seminar Reveals Explicit Racial Bias Against White Customers

PayPal like to keep their terms of service as opaque as possible. Even more shrouded in secrecy is how decisions to discriminate against customers are made, and who makes them Continue reading

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Hacker “Big Fish” Finds Child Porn Hidden on Comet Pizza Servers.
Hacker, Reports Findings To FBI + Hidden Blockchain Network Found On Comet Pizza Severs For Elite Individuals Continue reading

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2019 ICA Rifle of the Year

Ambidextrous Bolt Release with Enhanced Bolt Catch Ambidextrous Safety Selector Receiver Tension Screws Oversized Mag Well Flare Ambidextrous Recessed Finger Rest Ambidextrous Magazine Release Oversized Integrated Trigger Guard w/ Grip Relief Ambidextrous Bolt Hold Open Available QD Rear Sling Mount

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