U.S. Firearm Sales Break All Records Last Month

General Concern over the Proliferation of COVID-19, as well as recent protests, during which there were calls to disband the police, led to increased arms sales. Moreover, most often it was purchased by people, who have never owned guns or rifles before.

This is written by Peter Suchu in an article, published by the American edition of National Interest.

Hard times can cause sales to rise.. At least, this applies to firearms. Unlike many other consumer products, for which demand may fall in bad economic conditions or in times of uncertainty, arms sales remain resistant to downturns.

Mark Oliva from the National Shooting Sports Fund (NSFF) considers, that riots, robberies and calls for the dissolution of the police are motivating factors for the growth in the sale of firearms in the United States. According to the fund, arms sales in June 2020 years exceeded the same figure for June last year by 137,7 percent.

It should also be noted, that the sale of rifles and pistols tends to increase during the presidential election. This is largely fueled by concerns among gun owners, that a new president could limit the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, guaranteeing Americans the right to store and carry weapons.

The recent increase in sales has not only boosted gunsmiths revenue, but also raised the value of shares of such companies, как Smith & Wesson Brands Inc. и Sturm Ruger & Company.


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