The No Name ATM/Debit & Credit Card

We are pleased to present our offshore card solution – a no-name offshore Visa Electron pre-paid debit card denominated in USD issued by a stable Caribbean based bank. This can be purchased as a separate product or can be a part of any corporation and/or foundation package you order from us.

These cards have the 3 digit CVC code on the back activated so that they can be used like a credit card for internet and mail/telephone order transactions. They are accepted at all merchants anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide so long as the merchant processes their cards electronically which is now almost universal. The card is accepted at all ATM’s with the Plus and/or Visa logo and has a USD 2,500 daily cash withdrawal maximum. There is a USD 1,000 maximum per single swiped ATM transaction, but just about all ATM’s allow multiple transactions in succession with the same card. The POS daily maximum is the same as well, however it is possible to do a single transaction up to the daily USD 2,500limit in this way.

Each card can be loaded with a maximum of USD 25,000 per month and this amount can be loaded in its entirety upon activation if desired. Maximum load on the card at any one time is USD10,000. One card only is allowed per cardholder.

Card fees are as follows: ATM cash withdrawal fee: US$ 3.80, POS transaction fee US$ 1.50, monthly fee US$ 3.80, load fee US$ 3.80 (+ 1% by wire transfer, + 3% by cheque, + 7.5% by Western Union)/

The card cost is US$ 495 PLUS your first load of US$500, total US$995, which is included in your package. One card only per person. Shipping can be by international postal mail which is free but can take quite a few weeks so we strongly recommend paying extra for courier delivery which is US$ 30. You will also need to send US$ 100 per card as an initial card load as the bank will not activate a card account without a minimum deposit just like a regular bank account cannot be opened without an initial deposit.

A minimum US$ 20 balance must be maintained and if the card balance falls below US$ 10 at any time the account is automatically closed and cannot be re-opened without going through the account opening procedure all over again, paying the replacement card fee and obtaining a new card. Due to constantly changing currency exchange rates we advise that the initial minimum load amount be kept on the card as a buffer in case you miscalculate the currency conversion rate from your local currency to US$ and/or forget to take into account ATM and POS transaction fees.

1. Once we receive your order and paid funds, your application will be emailed to you for you to complete and print out.

2. You then send this signed application original and identity document copies – [Please find below a guide] and courier to source direct.

3. The following documents are acceptable forms of KYC: A. Proof of identification: (Please provide us with the following photo identification documents)

A passport is as of now a compulsory piece of ID verification document.In the event that a card applicant can not provide his passport, we will require:

  • A. Two separate and distinct ID verification documents (e.g. drivers license AND id card) or One ID verification document certified by local authorities
  • Other ID allowed:
    • National ID
    • Armed forces ID card
    • Photo credit/debit card issued by a bank
    • Disabled drivers pass or Disability ID
  • B. Proof of address: (Please provide us with an original or a copy of one of the following documents)
    • Current Utility bills (mobile/cell phone bills, internet access bills, cable and Satellite TV bills are not acceptable) (original or copy)
    • Current Bank/Building society/Credit Card statements (original or copy)
    • Current Mortgage statement (original or copy)
    • Current Home or motor insurance certificate or motor vehicle registration documents (copy)
    • Inland Revenue/IRS tax notifications (copy)
    • Current, signed passport (copy of the page showing the Residential address)
    • Current photocard driving license (copy)
    • Current National ID (copy)
    • Current Armed forces ID card (copy)
    • Current Disabled drivers pass or Disability ID (copy)

NOTE: The utility bill must be on an Applicant’s Name and make reference to the RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, except for family members that live with their parents in which a handwritten note referencing the relationship will suffice.

4. From the time we receive your documents to the time you receive your cards, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the bank to process and ship your card directly to you.

5. As soon as your card has been received, you will need to send us a confirmation of delivery with your card number so that we can load your card. This means that by that time we should have handy at least the minimum initial loading in order to complete the activation process.

Loading funds and courier fee could be wire to the following coordinates, remembering to include at least 10 US$ to cover incoming bank wire charges.

Loading Options – You can remit loads for your card via a bank wire OR Western Union.

To order please proceed to our on-line order form just Euro 995 including your first Euro 500 load and card delivery!

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

Bob Williams


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