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The Rights of Animals in Islam

The Rights of Animals in Islam Continue reading

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Australia Weighing ‘Extraordinary’ Powers to Identify, Disrupt Dark Web Cybercriminals

The new types of warrants outlined by the Department of Home Affairs include the data disruption warrant allowing investigators to access computers and “perform disruption activities [such as modifying, adding, copying, or deleting data on remote systems] for the purpose of frustrating the commission of criminal activity”. Continue reading

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The Military Would Not Participate in a Coup. Trump Can’t Understand Why….

At noon on January 20, Biden will be sworn in as president, and the military will immediately recognize him as the commander in chief, even if Trump refuses to concede. Concession is not a constitutional requirement but a ceremonial act, and the transfer of power does not require it. Continue reading

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Chinese APT Group Linked to Ransomware Attacks

They found samples of malware linked to the DRBControl campaign which targeted major gaming companies and is associated with two well-known Chinese-backed groups, APT27 (aka Emissary Panda) and Winnti. Continue reading

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Fake Covid-19 Vaccines are Flooding the Dark Web as Slow Vaccine Rollout Frustrates

On dark web forum Agartha, fake Covid-19 vaccines were offered next to cocaine, opioid medication, “super high quality fake money,” hand guns and gift cards. Posts showed stock photos of vaccines and offered vials for $500 and $1,000, or the equivalent in Bitcoin. Continue reading

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Think tank claims over half of 13L Indian soldiers under severe stress, deletes report later

The study says the Indian Army has been losing more personnel every year due to suicides, fratricides and untoward incidents than in response to enemy or terrorist activities. Continue reading

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EU and UK Agreement for Exchanging and Protecting Classified Information

Parties may mutually agree appropriate methods to ensure the efficient exchange of classified information, in accordance with the arrangements set out in points (a) and (b). Continue reading

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Americans we lost in 2020

In 2020, we said goodbye to many Americans who changed the world. Learn how they left their mark in a wide variety of fields.
Continue reading

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Was 5G Invented as a Militarized Weapon to Cause Organ Failure?

Telecom companies did not take military technology and adapt it to cell towers. Both technologies rely on the same radio-frequency spectrum, but they were developed separately and concurrently. The U.S. Air Force has been experimenting with millimeter wave since the 1980s, but it doesn’t work with the telecom industry. Continue reading

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Silk Way West Diplomatic Cargo Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Moved

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