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Exclusive: The “Mujahideen” Poisons Handbook

The subject matter of this booklet deals with poisons. Poisons are substances which cause harm to the human body when administered in small doses. It is an esoteric knowledge and must only be passed on to those who truly intend to use it Fee-Sabeelillah. Continue reading

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ISI supports terrorism in Afghanistan: Muhajir Congress Jun 14, 2017

Representing the Muhajir cause at international level, the Congress in its letter dated June 11 strongly condemns the recent suicide attacks in Kabul which have killed and injured hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians.
“We can feel the pain of our Afghan brothers as thousands of Muhajirs have also lost their lives in the war against terrorism. Continue reading

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AFGHANISTAN: A Pink Flower that Defeated America

At each stage in Afghanistan’s tragic, tumultuous history over the past 40 years — the covert war of the 1980s, the civil war of the 1990s, and the U.S. occupation since 2001 — opium played a surprisingly significant role in shaping the country’s destiny. Continue reading

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Afghanistan Weekly Field Report | 2 – 8 April 2017

2017: 54,455 individuals have been verified as displaced, with 25 provinces recording some level of forced displacement. Continue reading

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