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Tools of a madman: Leaked pictures of the weapons used in the Las Vegas massacre

DEREK GANNON— On Sunday the United States endured one of its bloodiest days in its history as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock unleashed upwards of 1,000 bullets into unsuspecting concert-goers, turning a country music festival into a hellscape of death and agonizing … Continue reading

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The Satoshi Revolution – A Revolution of Rising Expectations

What could convince the public and economists that private currencies work as well or better than government issued ones? One way is to point out that they already have worked better by providing real examples from the past and drawing parallels to cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

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The Barry Silbert Accord….

· Activate Segregated Witness at an 80% threshold, signaling at bit 4
· Activate a 2 MB hard fork on September 21, 2017 Continue reading

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There is no point in denying that this ideology has its foundation in Islamic doctrine.3 However, “Islam,” “Islamism,” and “Muslims” are distinct concepts. Not all Muslims are Islamists, let alone violent, though all Islamists—including those who use violence—are Muslims. I believe the religion of Islam itself is indeed capable of reformation, if only to distinguish it more clearly from the political ideology of Islamism. But that task of reform can only be carried out by Muslims. Happily, there is a growing number of reformist Muslims. Part of the Trump administration’s strategy must be to support and empower them. Continue reading

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Dash Offshoot SibCoin Aims To “Open Gate” For Chinese Traders, Unite Russian Community

“SibСoin was created in 2015 as a ‘people’s patriotic project’ initially focused on the Russian-speaking cryptocurrency community […] SibCoin employs encryption algorithms developed by Russian cryptographers on top of those of Dash, and is continuously evolving to become ‘closer to people.’” Continue reading

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