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“Alsa3ka Technology” Hacks Israel University Website

“Alsa3ka Technology” to Israel: “Game over Israel Leave Palestine” Continue reading

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Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan

September 7, 2012 Purpose. The aim of reintegration is to stabilize local areas by convincing insurgents, their leaders and their supporters to cease active and/or passive support for the insurgency and to become peaceful members of Afghan society. Reintegration will … Continue reading

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Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), based on information received as of 19:30, 29 June 2017

In areas not controlled by the Government, the SMM observed fresh tracked-vehicle markings consistent with an APC (MT-LB) chassis between Oleksandrivsk (10km west of Luhansk) and Metalist (7km north-west of Luhansk), and another set of tracks between Vesela Hora (16km north of Luhansk) and Svitle (11km north of Luhansk). Continue reading

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Russian Hacking………….

Fancy Bear is the name given to the Russian hacking team working for GRU (the external intelligence agency of the Russian military) among others, including APT 28, Strontium, and the Sofacy Group. Fancy Bear has been on the radar of security researchers for at least seven years, most notably for its disinformation campaigns in Georgia, Ukraine, and against NATO. Cozy Bear—also known as CozyDuke, the Dukes or APT 29—is Fancy Bear’s rival hacking team, and is believed to belong to a competing Russian intelligence service that has hacked the State department, White House, and Joint Chiefs of Staff. Continue reading

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The Hacktivist group Anonymous and the hacking team called Kba Squad take the responsibility for cyber attacks today on .24 Turkish Channel &CNN TURK Continue reading

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PURGED: A Detailed Look at ‘The Purge” of U.S. Counterterrorism Training by the Obama Administration

Unconstrained Analytics’ new report details how this counterterrorism training purge happened, the players involved, the surprising but overlooked findings by a GAO report, and the consequences of having our lawenforcement/military/intelligence professionals intentionally denied important training on the threat doctrine of the enemy, As a result, they have been blinded, losing any ability to identify, and then defeat, the enemy.
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Hizballah’s Ongoing Threat to U.S. National Security

Iran’s Growing Presence in Latin America
During the International Conference on Latin America held in Tehran in February 2007, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mehdi Mostafavi, announced the opening of embassies in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay and a representative office in Bolivia, and that a number of Latin American countries would open embassies in Iran.[8] Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself: Uncertain 2017 for Kurds and Turkey

The YPG along with, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian and Turkmen allies in Syria established the SDF last year, which has up to 50,000 fighters and receives military aid from Washington and has battled Islamic State group fighters with air force support from the U.S.-led coalition.

“I do not think that Kurds would accept being buried alive anymore,” Civiroglu argued as he described how his contacts with the YPG and the SDF have told him that thousands of fighters have been sacrificed in the fight against extremists groups in Syria over the past year or so. “You can’t expect them to go back after paying a heavy price.”
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