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“Cyber Justice Team” Warns Myanmar Government……..

“CYBER JUSTICE TEAM” Have hacked, taken down, and left messages on Myanmar websites warning Myanmar Gov: “Will not just watch when you commit ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya Muslims” Continue reading

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DHL Goes Down After Hacker Exposes Clearnet IP Address

As of August 5, the two stickied posts in that subreddit are market warnings. One post is the vulnerability disclosure of both marketplaces. The second, though, is a post titled “DHL Market – Current problems – Consider avoiding right now.” The vulnerabilities were serious enough to warrant the removal of the formerly stickied post about a significant number of Dream vendor accounts that the Dutch National Police controlled. Continue reading


International operation takes down AlphaBay, Hansa dark web markets

“This is an outstanding success by authorities in Europe and the U.S.,” Rob Wainwright, executive director of Europol, said in a press conference in Washington, where he joined U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Acting FBI Director Timothy McCabe and DEA Deputy Director Chuck Rosenberg.  Continue reading

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Hacking Team is back….

It was reported that bin Salman has begun a crackdown on dissenters and activists, Hacking Team is working with himto help the government of Saudi Arabia in a move that will make its human rights record even more appalling.

It’s amazing that Saudi Arabia even thinks it needs to hire hackers at all. Antiterrorism regulations that took effect in 2014 are used to criminalize almost any form of peaceful criticism of the authorities as terrorism Continue reading

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Research claims 1 in 4 UK Drug Users purchased Narcotics via Dark Web Marketplaces in last year

Dark Web Drug Users have been growing in the European countries with the biggest adoption of Dark Web Markets since the purchase increased steadily in several years and the percentage of users too which has almost doubled even after the shut down of the famous Silk Road market when the admin Ross Ulbricht was arrested. Continue reading

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Android Malware Found on Play Store Targeting Over 400 Banking Apps Worldwide

This newly discovered banking Trojan works like some other banking malware, but matters that make it unique from others are — its capability to goal sufferers and use of DexProtector tool to obfuscate the app’s code. Continue reading

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Latest Report: Nude Photos of United Marines Sale on Dark Web

According to the reports, the newly emerged groups are not actual Marines United Descendent groups but are fake ones created by foreign nationals to get profited from the original group’s reputation. Continue reading

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The problem was that millions of foreigners who are admitted on tourist or business visas for three to six months never leave. They just disappear into America. According to various estimates, these overstays make up a third to more than half of the 10 to 20 million illegal aliens in the country. Continue reading

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Hacking Against Cybercrime: The FBI’s New Approach — Site Title

The new provisions under the law—which went into effect this month—are intended to give the FBI the necessary tools to address cybercrime as they face the new world of borderless global Internet in… Source: Hacking Against Cybercrime: The FBI’s New … Continue reading

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Hackers Say Knocking Thousands of Brits Offline Was an Accident…

Virtual attacker hit thousands of Brits offline in an un-intentional offshoot….??? Continue reading

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