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Dark Web Service claimed to track any phone and read text messages for $500 using SS7

The site’s manager, who goes by the name Interconnect0r, declined to say how she was able to maintain access but said it did not present significant technical difficulties, despite regular intervention from phone companies. Continue reading

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Marijuana-Related Business The Fastest Growing Segment of Economy Over The 5 years -TRBO

After months of due diligence, we have a signed a Letter of Intent to acquire one of the premiere companies in the emerging MMJ industry. -Robert Singerman, CEO of TURBO Continue reading

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‘KingCarder’: Wi-Fi Hacking Software For under $1 on Dark Web Marketplace “AlphaBay”

In the description of the Product, he had included a video tutorial which would let you have Free Internet 4 life. Currently, the WiFi Automated Cracker is being sold for exactly USD 0.98 dollars (Approx. 0.0004 BTC). Below is the actual description, Continue reading

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Interview With Grams Search Engine Admin: Exciting Features Ahead!

How long have you been working on grams?

It’s been a almost 2 months. I came up with the idea one day and spent a week creating the initial alpha concept. Once I saw how well it was received, I have been working non-stop to hopefully make Grams the most popular and most trusted search engine on the Dark Net.
Continue reading

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Swiss Authorities Arrested 42 SuspectsConnected To The PlayPen Child Porn Site

In connection with the PlayPen child porn website, 870 suspects were arrested worldwide with 368 of them located in Europe. According to the FBI’s report, 296 child victims of sexual abuse were rescued of identified internationally, the Bureau added that the vast majority of the abused children are located outside of the US Continue reading

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Dutch Drugs Labs via Dark Web Floods U.S with Crystal Meth and Ecstasy; Officials Claims

Almost 500Kgs are being produced using the movable labs mainly made up of Shipping containers. Continue reading

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Media Undercover Researcher Infiltrates The Deep Web. This Is What She Finds : The Dark Web Has A Whole Pedophile “Community”

  Continue reading

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