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HSBC: Security Breach Exposes Account, Transaction Data

HSBC suspended access to affected accounts and is contacting victims about changing their online credentials. It says it has improved its authentication process for HSBC Personal Internet Banking and is offering customers a complimentary, year-long subscription to Identity Guard, which they can use to monitor accounts for credit fraud and malicious activity. Continue reading

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Alqeda’s Email Communication System Exposed

The US Department of Defence isn’t revealing if Bin Laden was using any encryption, but it is known that a few years back Al-Qaeda supporters released via an Islamic forum called Al-Ekhlaasan an encryption program called Mujahideen Secrets 2, it was the second release of this encryption software targeted at Al-Qaeda supporters, it can encrypt emails, securely wipe data and encrypt text messages as ASCII for easy posting at bulletin boards and websites. Continue reading

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Old Phone Number? Beware When Used on FB

Linking phone number to the Facebook account helps users to recover the account in case you’ve forgotten the password. Programmer, James Martindale, discovered an easy way to break into any Facebook account. Continue reading

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