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The Exoneration: “Al – Zawahiri’s Book full of lies, calumnies, jurisprudential fallacies, and indirections”- Dr. FadI Sayed Imam Abdulaziz al-Sharif

Commenting further on the behaviour of the Arab  Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, Dr Fadl said: “. There is nothing in Islam which condones kidnapping or theft as a way to finance Jihad.” Continue reading

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Most Potent Security Threats To Pakistani Nation, PIPS Report 2017 Revealed The Facts

Despite a 16% decline in terrorist attacks in 2017, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and its associated groups remained the most potent threat; they were followed by nationalist-insurgent groups, especially Balochistan Liberation Army and Balochistan Liberation Front. What has been quite alarming is the increasing footprints of Daesh, especially in Balochistan and northern Sindh, carrying out the deadliest attacks. Continue reading

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ISIS EMARAT AFGHANISTAN: US And Its Allies Achieve Success in Afghanistan

Is Evolutionary And The Old Culture Disclosed And Troubled With Holy Spirit? These are the things that Kabul administration officials themselves can not deny daily. Four million people in the country are addicted to heroin and the number increases on day-by-day.
Continue reading

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ISIS: How To Use “CYANIDE” (CN−) For Poison Persons

H0W TO USE CYANIDEISIS publishes a document based on how to use “CYANIDE” for poison persons Read Full Document  H0W TO USE CYANIDE

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ISIS SINA’A: Publishes Photographs of Its Attack on The “Egyptian Army”

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America’s decline and the future of two political systems-DAESH 2011

Today the political landscape is no longer dominated by secularists; a new wave of Islamic revival has hastened to fill the void. In Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt political Islam is on the ascendancy and its dominance pervades the political medium. Most probably Libya and Yemen will follow suit. Continue reading

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Terror on Twitter………

How ISIS is taking war to social media—and social media is fighting back Continue reading

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Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Jordan Campaigns in Support of His Shabab And All Muslims

Hizb ut Tahrir Jordan Campaign In Support for the Detainees of its Shabab and Sons of Muslims in the Regime’s Prisons Continue reading

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Islamdin: Special Statement of the Command of the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate Abroad

Site of IslamDin is the only official source that covers the decisions taken by the Shura of the KBK and Mujahideen KBK. Continue reading

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Khilafah Organisation Chart

Overview Structure of the Provinces The Provinces Department of Foreign Affairs Department of Industry Department of Internal Security Department of Military Government Departments Executive Assistants Department of Information Council of the Ummah Judiciary The Treasury

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