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Libya: Hafar army liquidates dozens of Benghazi citizens, dumps corpses in rubbish dumps, digs graves and horrifies detainees

Benghazi is pushing the “folly” of this category, which he described as the “unjust oppressor”, and that it is responsible for its elites who supported them and pays the price of those who claimed that it wants to purge the city of religious extremists as a war between Islamists and secular enlightenment advocates.
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GB: “20 to 30 more years of Terrorist Threats”-MI5 Official

“We’re at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in over 20 years’ time,” Evans said. “I think this is genuinely a generational problem. Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Rappler talks to a former Maute Group child soldier.

It was a privilege a poor family would not pass up, especially if the offer came from such a respected clan. In the absence of formal schooling, it’s common practice in communities here to organize Arabic and Islamic studies for children.

“Pangarap ng pamilya ko makapag-aral ako ng Koran (It is my family’s dream to make me study the Koran),” said the boy, now in his teens. What is not clear is if his parents were also given monetary assistance.
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For the New World Order to succeed, America must be eliminated as a ge0-political entity. The secessionist movements across the country are a George Soros movement along these lines designed to lead to the breakup of the United States.
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“The Jews of Jihad”

The aim of the article of Abu Maysarah al-Shami was to make a pre-emptive attack against anyone who may defect or oppose their corruption in their methodology or in their administration at a later time, those who would witness their situations, by saying that these people are implementing the plan laid down by Al-Qaeda  to distort the image of the Khilafa and to cause disorder (Fitan) and nothing else…! Continue reading

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ADNANI Reply To ISIS: Labeling Them The “Khawarij” “Ignorant Retard Idiots”

US decided to attack ISIS, AQ of Yemen issued a statement and stood in the defence of ISIS and refused to consider them as Khawarij…!!! Or maybe, according to the same logic, AQ leaders in Yemen got killed BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO CONSIDER THEM AS KHAWARIJ…!! Continue reading

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Pakistan and the Khilafah State By Sheikh Imran Hosein

25-09-2016 / Iqbal, Pakistan and the Khalifa State by Sheikh Imran Hosein. Questions and Answers follows. Recorded at :- Grand Taj Restaurant, One City Mall Subang Jaya, Malaysia

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“Assessing Russian Activities&Intentions in Recent US Elections”

Intelligence Community analysts integrate information from a wide range of sources, including human sources, technical collection, and open source information, and apply specialized skills and structured analytic tools to draw inferences informed by the data available, relevant past activity, and logic and reasoning to provide insight into what is happening and the prospects for the future. Continue reading

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