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North Korean authorities concerned about effects of outside information

“If the youth are thoroughly exposed to these ideological efforts, they can easily become caught up in delinquent trends and become a social problem. The youth are adventurous and sensitive to new things, so we need to show deep concern for these ideological efforts,” the article notes. Continue reading

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North Korea Concentration Camps

The UNSPEAKABLE HELL of North Korea Concentration Camps: Shocking Cruelty Continue reading

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There’s a real possibility that Trump could actually say to the North Koreans, “I’m prepared to meet with Kim Jong Un.” And there could be a real breakthrough. And he could get — if that happened, he gets a Nobel. Frankly, he’d deserve a Nobel for that much more than Obama did for his. There’s no question there.
But there’s also a real possibility of a war. Continue reading

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Top defector warns ‘world should be ready’: Kim desperate, both Koreas unstable

According to Thae, Kim is obsessed with obtaining nukes after he saw the fate of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, both of whom abandoned their countries’ weapons of mass destruction programs and then were overthrown by Western-backed forces.
“That’s why Kim Jong Un strongly believes that only a nuclear weapon can guarantee his rule,” Thae said. Continue reading

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