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How the Kremlin Cracked Down on Online Promotion for The Protests

According to a report from Roskomnadzor, TikTok has deleted 38% of its content with videos about Saturday’s protest, while YouTube and Russian social media site VKontakte has removed half of their content calling on minors to join the rallies and Facebook-owned Instagram 17%. Continue reading

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RUSSIA: “Decade of Childhood” 2018-2027: A Miniature Reichstag (GERMAN WAY OF DEMOCRACY)

PUTIN regime “continued the militarization of society,” with much dressing up and the storming of a miniature Reichstag in Moscow. None of these steps made any sense; but this last was the least promising because the Russian defense ministry copied not the Reichstag of 1945 but that of 2017 – a symbol of German democracy rather than German Nazism! Continue reading

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WINDOW ON RUSSIA: ‘Hold on, President Trump. Russia is With You’ -LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Russian Commentators: “TRUMP, the American Stalin…..all of Trump’s problems arise because he thinks he is Putin and can act like the Russian leader” Continue reading

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