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Recommendations of The Participants of The Expert Dialogue on NATO-RUSSIA Military Risk Reduction in Europe

Once Russia and NATO member states reach a formal or informal under- standing or agreement, they could take initial steps in the form of parallel unilat- eral measures that do not necessarily require conclusion of a formal agreement between NATO, or NATO member states, and Russia, which could prove politically difficult to achieve in the present environment. Continue reading

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Who Are The Russia Contacts In The Papadopoulos Plea?

The documents describe the man as “a citizen of a country in the Mediterranean” and a “professor of diplomacy based in London.” And they say the “professor” told Papadopoulos that he was flying to Moscow for a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, a prominent Kremlin-backed international policy forum.
A number of Western media outlets on October 30 deduced from this information that the man in question is professor Joseph Mifsud, a citizen of Malta and an “honorary director” of the London Academy of Diplomacy. Continue reading

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Pulling Back the Veil on the Syrian Conflict

By late 2016 Moscow had found itself facing a set of growing risks in Syria. Military logic dictated the need for ramping up the scope of the Russian intervention — but that could lead to even more serious complications on the foreign policy (and at some point, on the domestic) front.

The election of Donald Trump as the next US president can bring about radical shifts in the situation in Syria. It appears that in many respects, Trump will be a typical Republican president — but his foreign policy instincts are very unusual for the Republican establishment. Continue reading

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