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‘Risk of War with N Korea Increasing Every Day’: White House NSA

Quint– White House National Security Adviser (NSA) HR McMaster has said that North Korea represents “the greatest immediate threat to the US” and that the potential for war with Pyongyang was increasing every day, the media reported. “I think it’s … Continue reading

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Nuclear Dynamics In A Multipolar-Strategic Ballistic Missile Defense World-Intel’ Study

In late 2016, Congress updated the NMD Act to underscore that the policy of the United States is to maintain and improve an effective, robust layered missile defense system capa- ble of defending the territory of the United States, allies, deployed forces, and capabilities against the developing and increasing complex ballistic missile threat. Notably, the word “limited” was removed from the 1999 act. Continue reading

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The actual effects of large nuclear explosions on urban areas, the potential impact of explosions is described in two real cities—Detroit and Leningrad. To show how these effects vary with the size of the weapon, the effects have been calculated in each city for a variety of weapon sizes.
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David Albright: N. KOREA TALK……

Nuclear Weapons Capabilities
The bottom line is that North Korea has an improving nuclear weapons arsenal
North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability benefits from
Procurements abroad;
A functioning industrial complex making plutonium and weapon-grade uranium;
An ability at sites unknown to research, develop, and manufacture nuclear weapons;
Possible integration facilities that could mate a nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile; Continue reading

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Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program: On Course, Underground, Uninspected

According to the NCRI’s new information, METFAZ has established a new location within one of these that is near the center of Parchin and referred to simply as the “Research Academy” in SPND internal communications. Continue reading

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