Poland enlists Interpol in hunt for Nazi war criminals

Poland has asked Interpol for help in finding 1,600 former Nazis accused of committing war crimes in German concentration camps. Polish authorities view the investigations as the last chance to bring them to justice.

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Poland enlists Interpol in hunt for Nazi war criminals

dw–Polish state prosecutors have set an ambitious goal for themselves: to find surviving Nazi SS soldiers who committed war crimes at German concentration camps during the Second World War and to bring them to trial.

“We finally have to deal comprehensively with the mass murder that was committed in German concentration camps,” State Prosecutor Robert Janicki, of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) in Warsaw, told DW. “It is a state prosecutor’s duty to find perpetrators and bring them to justice, and we want to see if it is still possible to find Nazi war criminals today.”

The institute, which studies the history of Poland under German and Soviet rule, has set in motion hundreds of cases against Nazi war criminals. Most have to do with mass executions and the pacification of Polish villages during the German occupation from 1939 to 1945, as well as crimes against the civilian population during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

Looking for specific individuals

The nine most comprehensive investigations have to do with the mass murder of Polish citizens in German concentration camps between the years 1939 and 1945. The cases involve the camps Auschwitz-Birkenau, Ravensbrück, Majdanek-Lublin, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Mittelbau-Dora and Gross-Rosen.

Warsaw Uprising 1944 (Museum Warschauer Aufstand 1944 in Warschau) The IPN’s investigations include crimes committed against civilians during the Warsaw Uprising

“We are not randomly looking for people who may have committed crimes,” said Janicki. “We are looking for specific individuals. We have evidence against them and have exact information as to their names and what their roles were at the camps.”

A working group of state prosecutors and historians has compiled a list of 23,000 SS concentration camp functionaries, from which 1,600 names have been selected. They are men who were in their 20s at the time, who have never been punished for their suspected crimes and whose names and professions before the war are known to authorities. Polish investigators hope that this very specific information will allow them to locate the accused.

Poland’s government has submitted 400 requests for assistance to international law enforcement agency Interpol, with another 1,200 set to follow soon. Ten cases have already been reviewed. Replies from Germany and Austria have come back negative: The wanted persons, they said, were no longer alive or their whereabouts unknown.

No statute of limitations

Janicki believes that most of the former SS men would be living in Germany if they are still alive. Should any be found there, Poland would issue a European arrest warrant and turn to Germany for help in extraditing them. But not all of the accused are Germans, others are from Austria, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia.

John Demjanjuk (picture-alliance/dpa) Former Treblinka guard Demjanjuk was found guilty of being an accessory to mass murder

Poland has been prosecuting Nazi war crimes for decades. A number of investigations were launched after the end of the Second World War, but most were shut down in the 1960s and 70s due to a lack of willingness to cooperate on the part of West Germany. Only a fraction of Nazi war criminals living in what was then West Germany were ever brought to trial, let alone convicted.

But in 2011, Ivan “John” Demjanjuk, at former guard at the Treblinka Nazi death camp, was found guilty of being an accessory to mass murder. It was the first time that a German court had ever handed down a conviction for accessory to murder in a concentration camp without having to prove an individual crime.

Since then, a number of cases have been reopened in Germany. Some have even resulted in convictions, like that of Oscar Gröning, the 96-year-old “accountant of Auschwitz.”

Polish state prosecutors hope this shift in German jurisprudence will help them in their quest to prosecute war crimes — an offense for which, like crimes against humanity or genocide, the country has no statue of limitations.

In all, the IPN is investigating roughly 350 cases related to German crimes committed during the course of the Second World War. Janicki believes that Interpol’s involvement in the international search for surviving SS men will help to “finally bring these events of war to an end.”

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What is behind the Turkish Operation “Olive Branch” in Northern Syria?

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It has been noted that Erdogan’s movements in Syria have calmed down relatively after Operation Shield of the Euphrates and Erdogan’s abandonment of Aleppo, and allowing the regime to take control over Aleppo, but he resumed the operation in the name of Olive Branch heading towards Afrin since Saturday, 20/01/2018, through artillery and air shelling. According to the statement issued by the Turkish Chief of Staff on Sunday 21/01/2018: The Olive Branch Operation, which started on Saturday according to the plan drawn for it, and the ground operation began on Sunday morning. (Turk Press, 21/01/2018) and it is ongoing, so what is behind this operation “Olive Branch“? May Allah reward you with the good.


1- Before starting to analyze what took place, we must draw attention to a very important matter that forms the basis of the current Turkish policy, that will shed light on the movements of Erdogan and his actions and statements, as Turkey’s Erdogan is clearly pro-American, he does so in exchange for America’s support to stay in power as it brought him into power. The evidence for this is what the pro-Turkish government As-Sabah Newspaper stated on 18/4/2017: “The US president telephoned the Turkish President Erdogan last night to congratulate him on the outcome of the April 16 referendum on constitutional reforms and the presidential system”. Erdogan mentioned to him that “he launched a good campaign for it and that he observed it personally”. He said to Erdogan: “I give attention to our friendship and there are very important things that we will do together.” Hence Erdogan’s policy in Syria was in fact assisting America’s plans to install the regime and pressure the factions to withdraw from vital areas of the regime. The example for that is the recent order to surrender Aleppo, and the empowerment of the regime, he made up issues and pulled out factions to fight instead of fighting in their areas to prevent the regime from entering them under the pretext of the battle of the Euphrates Shield. At a time when the regime went to Aleppo and focused its attack there, knowing that the battle of the Euphrates Shield was originally given the American blessing, Turkey has entered Jarabulus region in 2016 with America’s encouragement when former US Vice President Joseph Biden came to Ankara and announced from there his open support for the entry of the Turkish army on 24/8/2016 and asked the forces of the units of protection of the Kurdish people to withdraw from the Turkish forces under the name of the Euphrates Shield. We mentioned in the Answer to Question on 25/9/2016 that: “In order to make the American plans work, that focused on Aleppo, the Turkish troops had to be re-imposed blockade, and here America worked on two axes to restore the siege on Aleppo:

First: the introduction of the Turkish army to in northern Syria, starting with the area of ​​Jarabulus meanwhile Turkey announced operation “Euphrates Shield” and calling the pro-Turkish rebels from southern Aleppo to fight ISIS, that is, weakening the real points of clashes in Aleppo! And creating new infighting points and pushing away as many opposition from fighting in Aleppo! etc.” This is how Erdogan withdrew the factions loyal to him to fight in the areas of Al-Bab and leave Aleppo almost empty of resistance, except for a few believers who stood firm. Meanwhile most factions responded to Erdogan’s call to the Euphrates Shield and he is repeating this betrayal again.

2- These movements are still in place and the latest is not the last to enable the Syrian regime to control the important areas in Idlib and to remove the loyal fighting factions to the orders of Turkey to focus on Afrin and forget its homeland Idlib; that the criminal regime is advancing towards in coordination with America, but under a guise of tensions between Turkey and America to prevent the preparation of new forces linked to America! Note that America is advancing from Turkey towards Syria and arming its puppet organizations, including the protection units of the Kurdish people, which have a majority within the Syrian Democratic Forces linked to America, where Erdogan opened Incirlik Base … Thus Erdogan repeats the scenario of the Euphrates Shield to facilitate the entry of the regime in Idlib. Operation Olive Branch was devised to facilitate the entry of the regime in Idlib. The Syrian regime while moving towards Idlib and surrounding Abu al-Duhur Airport, Erdogan pushed the fight towards Afrin!

About 25 thousand of the opposition are participating in this operation as confirmed by the military commander in the Sham Legion, Yasser Abdul Rahim, that about 25 thousand armed men from the Free Syrian Army are participating in the Turkish military operation in Afrin (Russia Today, 23/1/2018), known to America along with its approval. The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stated that he discussed the Syrian crisis and the issue of border security units with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Monday evening (15/1/2018) in Canada. He stated that he met with US Secretary of State Tillerson also on Tuesday evening (16/1/2018) on the sidelines of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula in Vancouver, Canada. Çavuşoğlu said that Mattis said: “We have been asked not to believe the news that is being published about (the formation of a new army in northern Syria),” adding that he was “following up the matter himself and would remain in contact with us.” (Anadolu news agency 17/1/2018)

3- This confirms the American statements in the past two days. They confirm that Olive Branch, the issue of Afrin and the movements of the Turkish army and the Free Syrian Army is with the full approval of America and Russia, which entered Syria in coordination with America, here are some of these statements:

– The Turkish military campaign in Afrin began yesterday on Friday, with the first stages of the bombing of certain areas of Afrin at a high rate since Thursday/Friday night, with the start of the withdrawal of the Russian military police from Afrin and its environs.  Nurettin Canikli  considered it “the beginning of the attack on the ground,” according to Al Jazeera Channel … Al-Araby Al-Jadeed learned from a Turkish source that:

“Another offer was made, to control of the city in exchange for the consensus between Ankara and Moscow on the way of its management. The Turkish government is ensuring by a large proportion the reconstruction similar to the Euphrates Shield, and by pressuring the Syrian opposition to attend the Sochi conference, while the Russians insisted on handing over the city after its control by the Syrian regime and the absence of any opposition forces in it and also allowing the regime to make further progress in the province of Idlib. Meanwhile, Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli in a television interview yesterday confirmed, “We know that Russia supports the regime greatly” …” As for the Turkish expectations of the operation, the Turkish source said to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed “The operation is expected to continue for a maximum of five to six months .. The source pointed out “the diplomatic channels did not break with Washington.” (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, 20/01/2018)

“On 20 January, Turkey resorted to its armed forces near Afrin in north-west Syria … Moscow is concerned about this information,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, noting that it was “closely following the development of the situation.” “Russia remains committed to its position regarding the search for solutions to the conflict in Syria, based on the preservation of the territorial integrity of this country and respect for its sovereignty,” the ministry said). (Rudaw, 20/01/2018)

The United States wants the Turkish military operation to remain limited in time and scope, and it urged “self-restraint” and to ensure that the rest of the military operations are limited in scope and duration, to minimise the damages to civilian lives.” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said, “We urge Turkey to exercise restraint and ensure that its military operations remain limited in scope and duration and scrupulous to avoid civilian casualties.”  US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Sunday that Turkey informed the United States before the move, noting that Washington is communicating with Ankara on developments in the situation. She said that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart, Rex Tillerson, have discussed “measures in order to ensure the preservation of stability north of the country”. The Turkish foreign minister discussed the military operation with his US counterpart, but did not yet reveal what took place between the two parties. (BBC Arabic, 22/01/2018)

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said his country hopes to work with Turkey to establish a safe area in northwestern Syria to meet Ankara’s security needs… The head of the US Central Command, General Joseph Votel, confirmed that Turkey briefed his country on its military operation in Afrin, pointing out that the city does not fall within the scope of American military operations. The Department of Defense calls for “not to escalate tension,” noting that it understands Turkey’s security concerns in the region. (Russia Today, 23/01/2018)

– The Central Command of the US army said Turkey briefed them on the military operation in the Syrian city, Afrin, stressing at the same time that the city does not fall within the scope of US military operations. General Joseph Votil, Commander of the Central Command, in a press statement on Sunday said that his country does not pay particular attention to the Turkish operations area. (Quds Press, 21/01/2018)

– US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that his country hopes to work with Turkey to establish a safe area in north-west Syria to meet Turkey’s security needs; this was on the third day of Operation Olive Branch launched by the Turkish armed forces and the Free Syrian Army. The region of the Syrian city of Afrin, the US Secretary of State, “let us see if we can work with you to create the kind of security zone you might need… So we’re in discussions with the Turks and some of the forces on the ground as well as to how we can stabilize this situation and meet Turkey’s legitimate concerns for their security.” (Turk Press, 23/01/2018)

– And the statements of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the announcement of his country’s intention to form an army of 30 thousand fighters, whose task is “guarding the border,” which angered Ankara and made Tillerson comment to reporters on board a US government plane, “The country does not intend to establish any border force in Syria”. Adding that according, to Anatolia, his country is clarifying to Turkey the news agencies’ reports of the United States‘ intention to establish a border security force in Syria, on this, Nauert said, “You take the fight off of ISIS, and that is exactly why we are there, and that’s one of the things that the Secretary and others with the State Department have highlighted to Turkish officials.” (Orient, 19/01/2018)

– Last Tuesday, US Defense Department spokesman Eric Bahon said his country understood Turkey’s concerns about the border security force it plans to build in Syria, citing the issue with Turkish officials.

Bahon pointed out that his country is in regular and close contact with Turkey; its partner in NATO. Bahon used the phrase “supposed border security force” in his answer … Today, Thursday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson came out to announce that the United States had no plans to establish any border force in Syria, commenting on news reports on this issue. He added in a press statement: “This issue is perceived and defined in the wrong way, and some people spoke in the wrong way, we are not creating any border force”. (Yenisafak Arabic, 17/01/2018)

It is clear from previous statements that Olive Branch is a branch carried by Turkey in coordination with America and Russia … and that America’s statements at the beginning of establishing a 30 thousand border force are only to give the justification for the Afrin operation,  America then changed the statement to a kind of an open denial after its goal has been achieved!

4- Therefore, the Turkish moves in Syria are to serve American projects by instilling the secular system in Syria. The loud statements from Erdogan are just to deceive the naive of the people with fiery words and statements that do not translate into actions, like the time when he said, we will not allow another Hama; but the regime committed in every city and town more than what took place in Hama … as well as artificial movements that do not produce honest deeds. He deceives people with misleading statements that fool the naive as he said about Trump’s decision to recognize al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of the Jewish entity. Erdogan threatened that he could sever his relationship with the Jewish entity if Jerusalem was recognized as a capital of this entity. But he didn’t cut his ties with America that took this decision, but rather it supports the Jewish entity and provides it with all means to maintain its survival. He also called for a two-state American solution, which includes the transfer of 80% of Palestine to the Jews, and he called for East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, surrendering the west of Jerusalem to the Jews. This is in addition to what he did and still is carrying out in Syria, and even his betrayals, which have reinforced the presence of the Russian and American enemies and the Syrian regime, whether by handing over Aleppo or opening American bases to intervene in Syria or to open the Turkish airspace for Russian aviation or the meetings of Astana, in which he pressured the leaders of the armed factions to accept their decisions and bring calm to the battle fronts and deescalate and withdraw from areas and surrender them to the regime and then surrounded Idlib and many more areas. Then comes this new chapter the “Olive Branch” to facilitate the entry of the regime to Idlib!

Finally, we address all factions and say do not be fooled by Erdogan’s actions, and not to surrender Idlib to the regime … and not to forget what happened to them in Aleppo, but to remember the Hadith narrated by Bukhari from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) from the Prophet ﷺ who said: «لَا يُلْدَغُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مِنْ جُحْرٍ وَاحِدٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ» “A believer is not bitten from the same whole twice”. So how then if he is bitten many times?

إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَذِكْرَى لِمَنْ كَانَ لَهُ قَلْبٌ أَوْ أَلْقَى السَّمْعَ وَهُوَ شَهِيدٌ

Indeed in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present [in mind].”

(Qaf: 37)

7 Jumada I 1439 AH

24/1/2018 CE

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Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”

Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber
6 January 2017

Read Full Report:  Intelligence_Community_Assessment_-_Assessing_Russian_Activities_and_Intentions_in_Recent_US_Elections


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North Korean authorities concerned about effects of outside information

North Korea’s Party-run publication, the Rodong Sinmun, published an article on November 3 entitled, “Let’s thoroughly crush the scheme to culturally inject imperialist ideology.” The editorial argued that young people are the primary target of these efforts.

“If the youth are thoroughly exposed to these ideological efforts, they can easily become caught up in delinquent trends and become a social problem. The youth are adventurous and sensitive to new things, so we need to show deep concern for these ideological efforts,” the article notes.

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North Korean authorities concerned about effects of outside information


Kim Ga YoungDNKE_2397_334409_1509947286_i

The introduction of foreign information is seen as an important way to influence North Korean society. Recognizing this, the North Korean regime has launched counter-operations warning young people about the dangers of foreign culture and ideas. Recent government media has warned against both official and unofficial contact with the outside world, discouraging cooperation and exchange.

North Korea’s Party-run publication, the Rodong Sinmun, published an article on November 3 entitled, “Let’s thoroughly crush the scheme to culturally inject imperialist ideology.” The editorial argued that young people are the primary target of these efforts.

“If the youth are thoroughly exposed to these ideological efforts, they can easily become caught up in delinquent trends and become a social problem. The youth are adventurous and sensitive to new things, so we need to show deep concern for these ideological efforts,” the article notes.

Many analysts refer to North Korea’s youth as the “Jangmadang [market economy] Generation,” and share the view that this demographic is minimally loyal to the regime and most interested in capitalist culture. For this reason, outside information is seen as a powerful agent for change in North Korean society.

North Koreans are able to access South Korean and foreign products and DVDs/USBs loaded with outside content through the marketplaces and in northern regions near the Sino-Korean border. In addition, some are able to tune in to radio broadcasts that inform them of events in North Korea and the world.

In response, the authorities are ramping up efforts to actively block such information. Securing the support of the younger generation is seen as essential for the continued stability of the regime.

In relation to this development, top-level North Korean defector Thae Yong Ho recently traveled to the US where he spoke on the topic at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), noting that it is “common knowledge that now [the] North Korean population watch[es] South Korean movies and dramas.” This has served to weaken the regime’s power base and the power of national propaganda, thereby “making it possible to think about a civilian uprising in North Korea.”

As the consumption of outside information continues to grow and loyalty declines in North Korea, the authorities are focusing their national consolidation efforts on the Jangmadang Generation.

“If the imperialist ideology and cultural infiltration is allowed to continue, it will spoil the system and bring about our end. The tragic reality is that many socialist states have collapsed, and this is proof [of the danger of outside information],” the Rodong Sinmun article states.

“[The imperialists] make exchanges and cooperation look appealing on the surface, but beneath this, there are open and concealed means being undertaken to circulate reactionary ideology.”

According to testimonies from numerous defectors, the North Korea-Chinese trade relationship, both formal and informal, is said to be a major source of the so-called “capitalist wind,” which introduces foreign products, information, and cultural content into the North.

Analysts say one purpose of the Kaesong Industrial Complex – an industrial park previously jointly operated by North and South Korea – was to show the South Korean way of life to North Korean workers, in the hopes that they would come to believe that the South Korean system was superior. The Moon administration has invited the North to participate in other kinds of exchange programs, but the North has yet to accept.

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Lebanese prime minister says he wants ‘the best relationship with Iran’- DAVOS

Hadley Gamble | Natasha Turak
  • Hariri, a Sunni and dual Lebanese-Saudi national, took office in 2016 in a power-sharing agreement with President Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian favored by Hezbollah, following two years during which Lebanon essentially had no government.
  • “Iran is a country that we need to deal with. Each nation must understand how it wants to deal with Iran,” Hariri told the audience.
'Iran has to stop meddling in Yemen,' Lebanese PM says

‘Iran has to stop meddling in Yemen,’ Lebanese PM says  

Lebanon must “deal with” Iran, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri told Davos attendees during a panel hosted by CNBC at the World Economic Forum.

Hariri, a Sunni and dual Lebanese-Saudi national, took office in 2016 in a power-sharing agreement with President Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian favored by Hezbollah, following two years during which Lebanon essentially had no government.

Shia militant and political group Hezbollah, designated a terrorist organization by the United States, is the most powerful wing of the Lebanese government. Funded and armed by Iran, it is also the vehicle through which the Islamic Republic extends its influence in Lebanon.

‘My focus is my state,’ Lebanese prime minister says

‘My focus is my state,’ Lebanese prime minister says  

“I as a prime minister I would like the best relationship with Iran, but I would like it to be state to state,” Hariri continued. “Not for somebody to invest in Lebanon without telling me on this issue, like Hezbollah or others.”

“Iran presents a challenge in the region maybe, but dialogue also is a part of resolving this issue.”

The Saudi Arabian government, a supporter of Hariri and a major source of investment for the small country, is archly opposed to Iranian influence in Lebanon and the Middle East.

This escalating conflict of regional interests took center stage in November of 2017 when Hariri announced his resignation from Riyadh, a move many believe was forced by the Saudi Kingdom. The alleged Saudi measures were viewed as a response to a political compromise in which Hariri took up leadership in exchange for allowing Hezbollah military autonomy.

On November 21, Hariri returned to Lebanon and rescinded his resignation, returning to a country far more united in support for their prime minister than ever before.

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Drugs and weapons: what is sold on Russian dark web?

Many darknet shops selling drugs are highly structured, their stuff includes dealers, recruiting specialists, packers, logistics, carriers, “treasure men” and even PR-managers.

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Murat Karayilan On Attack against Efrîn: “We have no strategic friends other than the mountains…”

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan said that the Turkish state would take a historic defeat in Efrîn and added: “The PKK will not remain silent against the attack. All the Kurdish people must be mobilized for Ephrîn. ”

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Murat Karayilan On Attack against Efrîn: “We have no strategic friends other than the mountains…”

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan: “Turkish state would take a historic defeat in Efrîn: PKK will not remain silent against the attack. Kurdish people must be prepared, he added”

“We have no strategic friends other than the mountains,” 35 years of fighting enough for us to know it well”

The attack on Efrîn is an attack against the entire Kurd. It is not just a region of Kurdistan, but an attack on all the achievements of the people of Kurdistan. All the Kurdish people must mobilize against this occupation.

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan said that the Turkish state would take a historic defeat in Efrîn and added: “The PKK will not remain silent against the attack. All the Kurdish people must be mobilized for Ephrîn. ”

Speaking on Stêrk TV,” PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan said that the attack against Efrîn was an attack against the entire Kürtlé, “We will all be one against the attack.” Karayılan stated that the Turkish state would never get any results in Efrîn, describing,

“Efrîn home of Arîn Mîrkan. The brave of Ephrín will defend their holy land. The warriors and the people of Ephrín will give the necessary answers with their resistance, the AKP-MHP will take a historical lesson in Ephrín. Faith and hope are like this, how Koban AKP and DAIS’i place, and AKP and MHP in Efrî’nin place, ” he said.

Murat Karayilan on the attack against Efrîn:  ” First of all, our valuable Efrîn people, then all Kurdistan people should know that the Turkish army is not such a tactic. The Turkish army could not hold Nusaybin for 9 months. He suffered Nusaybin syndrome. All of the soldiers who fought there were sick, they took it to the hospital, many of them fled from the front and left their military service. When did he get into Nusaybin? When did he go to Şırnak, Cizre and Sur not just Nusaybin? When he saw that the insurgents inside did not have the ammunition, Biswing rockets and explosive materials were left, then they entered with armored vehicles.

Provocative explanation from America

Just as if all the forces of the world are in Syria, there is no doubt that the resistance in front of the Syrian Democratic Forces is carried out through the communications provided by these forces. Because YPG, YPJ and QSD have not fought for themselves in Rojavas of Kurdistan and in Syria, they have fought for all humanity. They captured the capital of DAISY. This force is a force that strikes the DAIZ’s capital as it falls. This power is a force that has organized itself in the war against El Nusra and the DAIS gangs, and the world powers have also supported it. But something is going on, this power against Turkey’s blackmail are approaching very calculating.

US official statement against the Kurds in Rojava provoked , both Turkey and Syria. Iran. Subsequently ‘we understand Turkey’s concerns’ and’ There is no defense or our presence in Efrîn. ‘So, you can enter Efrîn sayin’. If you do not have anything, if you are doing business against DAIS with QSD, part of QSD is Efrîn! It’s an organic organization, right?

There is an insincerity in the middle. He says that he is provoking both the ruling states over Kurdistan by talking, and later saying ‘we are not defending Ephrín’. “YPG and QSD officials should be able to interpret this situation. He calls himself ‘an international power’, he sees himself so big, he is both provoking and pulling himself back! Indeed, this approach is a very worrying and suspicious approach and there is an incorrect attitude.”

Why was Sochi and Geneva blocked?

How many times Russia is postponing the Sochi meeting. Why? The Kurds are a truth and power in Syria. If the Kurds are not allowed to go to that meeting, that meeting will be wasted. If the Kurds attended the meeting, Turkey opposes it. Both sides are looking for a solution to settle. However, Turkey is a racist state. What is necessary here? What is necessary is to openly discuss the issue. Look, Sochi is an international platform and clogged. Why? For the Kurds. Geneva is not successful. Why? There are no Kurds. Not even one of the forces that control one third of Syria is ready

Genocide politics

All world powers must know that no problem can be solved until the Kurdish problem is solved in the Middle East. The issue of Kurdistan is an important issue. There is no peace in the Middle East until the Kurdistan problem has reached a solution. Until the Kurdish problem is solved in Syria, it is not possible to establish a new Syria in a democratic way. Now get up and tell the truth openly to Turkey and need someone to teach. But they do not dare to tell this truth to Turkey. Why are they afraid? Not that Turkey is so powerful, in fact sell itself in Turkey and draw them himself had given away. Turkey when they say that, they say, because they know they will be deprived of the blessings they received from Turkey. But we say that this is the time now.

Really now power and all public opinion in favor of stability, however, democratic and humanist forces, which cuts Since human rights, all people who want to live freely in this land, now Turkey’s racism ‘enough’ should. Now, Erdogan’s Kürtlere extend the language and rhetoric are enough. This is what is needed. I do not know they will not specify it, but it is the right one. If they want to speak the truth and do not want to fool each other, they should openly debate the Kurdish issue. The Turkish state is carrying out the genocide policy on the Kurds within its borders and wants to carry it out on the other Kurds. This must be openly debated.

For example, the US authorities ‘we understand the concerns of Turkey and we stand by Turkey against terrorism’, they say. But the Turkish state, the whole Kurt is called a ‘terrorist’. So now is HDP a terrorist? All co-presidents of the HDP were arrested, so many Kurdish politicians were arrested, and what terrorist activities did they engage in? They want democracy, they want human rights, and the Turkish state is against them. In fact, the Turkish state itself is terrorizing the Kurds. The Turkish state is terrorizing Kurdistan.

Who could argue that there is no terror in the basements of Cizre, where people are burned with gasoline on them? Now the whole world should see this truth. The AKP has to see and take precedence over the atrocities, fascism and terror that it implements in Kurdistan. This will always remain a contradiction until they are taken away. But this is our view as the PKK and the Kurdish people: We are telling the truth to the whole world. But we do not have to put our backs on anyone. We, as the people, should not put our backs on ourselves. We are ourselves, our friends. A book was written by friends 10 years ago, there was a determination as follows; “The strategic friend of the Kurds is the Kurdish people themselves and the mountains.” I have heard now that the authorities and politicians in South Kurdistan have stated the same thing. This is an extremely correct approach. This is the truth; we are ourselves our friends. We will hold our back our friends are our mountains. We can become such power and will.

Putin’s genocide should not co-exist

But we call it the whole world as well; O the world! O all world powers! Do not be a fascism party on the Kurds, do not share this fascism. For example, we are now talking to Russia, especially Putin, who is saying: The Turkish state is carrying out the politics of genocide on the Kurds. You should not be a partner to this. They are massacres in Kurdistan, they want to slaughter in Ephrín. A million people live in Ephrín and we know very well that until the time of Russia’s disapproval, the Turkish state can not intervene in Ephrín. Already there is a war situation in Efrîn with guns, medium and heavy weapons. No progress from the land. It is not the question of the Turkish army moving on the land now. But the Turkish state also wants to use airways to see from the air and shoot from the land by shooting. Because it can not make such progress from the land. Who controls the airspace? The air field is controlled by Russia. Then, if the Turkish warplanes wander in the air of Efrîn, it may be a Turkish flag over the aircraft, but it will mean that it is the plane that Russia sent. So these are Russian war planes. So if the war planes move on Ephrín, then Russia has done it. The Kurdish people and the public will understand this. Why? Because Efrîn and the Syrian airspace are controlled by Russian technology. Let’s leave the planes on Ephrín, where they can see and intervene if they cross a limit of a hundred meters.

This is a nickname

For this, both the public and our people must know that if an intervention in Efrîn with Turkish warplanes is done, this is done with the approval of Russia. So it does Russia. For this, we are especially calling for the Russian authorities and we hope that the Russian authorities will not share Erdogan’s dirty assets. This is the expectation of the Kurdish people themselves. So if there is an intervention, it will be a stigma for these great states. So right now there are Russian soldiers, helping out there. There he helped YPG and QSD forces. So he says he officially supports them right now. If you get up on this and give way to the Turkish warplanes, this will be a sting. For this we hope that the Russian authorities will not put themselves in such a position. True, the Turkish state has hopes on this issue, Erdogan is working hard for it. Blackmail against America is essentially against Russia, like America, trying to take them back behind them. So if necessary, he can take an attitude towards Russia.

Attack on Hmameim base MIT plan

Turkey mainly contraction in Idlib, began the operation carried out by the Russian and Syrian forces and stationed them Hmeim I had been facing severe and extensive attacks. True, Russian President Putin said, ‘We do not believe that this attack is the finger of Turkish authorities and Turkish troops.’ But it is also a truth is, all the groups involved in İdlib’t, can not go to the toilet, even without the knowledge of Turkey’s intelligence. So bring the outside air, as well as a batch only once it is not without the help of Turkey’s attack twice made of aircraft it is not possible. If not help Turkey, where they brought all of these mini-aircraft, which were put to the customs? How did they come and shoot the bases of Russia? It is clear that this is the plan of MIT. But for their own interests, ‘we do not believe that Turkey’s finger in the’ format, they make a statement. Could be, it’s something they know. But what is it that we want as Kurdish people? There is an enemy of the Kurdish people, this enemy is a racial enemy, extending hand and wanting to attack, no state should share this. If the Russian state wants to protect its interests in the region, it should not share in the aggressiveness of the AKP. The same is true for America.

All Kürtlere Attack

KURDISH people should also know that; “We trust ourselves first in Ephrîn and in Kurdistan. But no one should be common ambitions of Turkey’s dirty. In fact, they have to oppose it as a necessity for humanity. Even if they do not oppose, they should not be partners. Why? Without a common one with Turkey, it does not support Turkey can not cope alone with the Kurdish people.

The attack on Efrîn is an attack against this whole Kürtl. It is an attack not only on a territory of Kurdistan but on all the gains of the people of Kurdistan. Like Kobanê; how the enemy attacked Kobanê, the people of all Kurdistan saw these attacks against themselves, there was mobilization, and everyone supported. The same is true of Ephrén. Efrîn is the same as Kurdistan. When we look at Ephrín, we seem to be seeing Kurdistan. Some of the Kurdish tribes, from Serhat’tan to Botan and Riha, are part of Ephrîn. All the beliefs in Kurdistan, at least the Alevis, there are Yazidis, the majority are already Sunnis. In other words, every color of the Kurds is in Ephrín. In terms of faith, culture and national wealth, Efrîn is indeed the same as Kurdistan. If Kurdistan loses its mirror, it loses everything and can not see itself. In that respect, the attack on Ephrín is an attack on us all.

Will take historical lessons in EphrîN

First of all, Ephrín our people – we know him very well – are at the forefront in sacrifice and heroism. Was not Arin Miran, Efrîn? Rifat was Ephraim in Ereban. In other words, there are many Egidî. Many parts of Kurdistan have martyrs and created heroism. I believe to the last that they will show the same hero in the holy lands of Ephrath. Both the warriors and the people of Ephraim should only trust themselves and strengthen their organization. If the warriors and the people unite, nobody can defeat them.

Our people should know this. The enemy is not so strong, it is noisy, but the truth is not so. In fact, you will not see your enemy small, you must see the enemy with all truth. So you should not see small or big. They are doing psychological warfare, they are making a lot of crowds, but in essence they do not have that power. I believe that the Ehri warriors and their people will give the necessary response to the Turkish state with their resistance; The AKP-MHP will take a historical lesson in Ephrin. It is faith and hope that this is how Koban has settled the AKP and DAIS, and the AKP and the MHP will be in place in Efri.

Efrîn Canton authorities made many statements in this regard. Comrade YPG Commander Sipan Hemo made a statement. We greet all YPG, YPJ and SDG forces. We believe that they will strengthen Efri’s resistance at the greatest level. There is no doubt in this regard. But warriors must be self-reliant, the people and warriors must be unity and the people should organize themselves. If this happens, their victory will become final. So they have to trust themselves.

Guerilla is obliged to defend Kurdistan

But everybody should know that we are behind them and we are not just behind them. Erdogan always says “The PKK will approach the sea there” now the PKK is not there. The people of Ephrin are patriotic and heroic. But if they hand out Efrîn, then of course the PKK will not be a spectator. Just as Kobanê’ye audience did not stay, Efrîn’da no audience. As we said earlier, we are obliged to defend Kurdistan as the Kurdistan Liberation Guild. Where there is an attack on Kurdistan’s achievements and honor of the Kurdish people, we will be there and offer support.

PKK is different, YPG and PYD are different. But we will all be one against the attack. What does the enemy say all the time? Every day he talks about being national and indigenous. If a state of impunity says it for themselves, why not get a national attitude! Of course, we will also take national and national attitudes. All Kurds must approach these feelings. A Kurdish person who does not feel this should doubt himself, he should doubt himself if he does not feel it, not only Kurdistan, but also a person who calls himself “democrat”. However, the nose of the traitors does not burn. Erdogan insults my people every day. Rojava personally insults all Kurdish people every day. We will not remain silent with these tongues. This is a truth.

Mobilization call

I especially call all Kurdish people, young people, everyone should be ready for mobilization. Leader Apo declared mobilization when they attacked the AKP and DAIS Kobanê. We know that your campaign plays a big role. Now the calling of the Leader Apo is valid for Ephrén. Everyone should be ready. Especially North, Rojhilat, Başur Kurdistan, all Kurds must be ready. Ephrin is under attack; all Kurdish people must be mobilized. Especially Kurds who are out of the country. This war is a war between the Kurdish people and the fascist racist Turkish state. It’s not a war between peoples. No. There is a fascist, racist regime and hostility against the Kurdish people. Kurds and Turkey, and Syria will stand against fascism with democratic sectors in all regions. If the AKP and the MHP broken fascism success not only for the Kurds, but also for the people of Turkey, ie for all the peoples of the Arab peoples will have to start a new and important period. So we call it; all democratic, libertarian sections, the Turkish state is standing in the face of these attacks. Our people must be ready. There is an attack and everyone has to go into mobilization

The enemy will renew

In the beginning, Efrîn should act in an organized and conscious manner. We, as a movement and a people, must all be awake. Not everything will happen immediately, it is a struggle, it will be resistance. But we must know that the end of this resistance will be a great victory. We have faith in the success of our people. The future of our people is the resistance of the future Ephrín and the enemy will be renewed. Because there is no other way ahead of them. They insist on being defeated, they want to get ahead of the enemy. But they will not succeed. Success will be our people. ”

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