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Der Spiegel: Syria is Developing Nuclear Arms

New intelligence suggests that Bashar al-Assad is still trying to built the bomb. And he may be getting help from North Korea and Iran.
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The New Arctic Silk Road: A Huge Leap Forward For China And Russia

Involving about 65 countries and affecting 4.4 billion people, constituting thirty percent of the world’s GDP, together with a total investment from Beijing that could surpass a trillion dollars, this is an immense project that requires a lot of imagination to grasp the intentions of the Chinese leadership. Continue reading

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Al-Yamama Arms Deal

Key facts

 Buyer: Saudi Arabia

Seller: UK (British Aerospace, later BAE Systems)

Year of deal: 1985 (Al Yamamah I), 1993 (Al Yamamah II), 2007 (Al Salam)

Equipment sold:

Al Yamamah I: 30 Hawks (1985); 48 Tornado IDS (1986); 102 Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles (1986); 24 Tornado ADV (1986); 560 Skyflash BVRAAM missiles for Tornados (1986); 2 Jetstream light transport ac (1986); 3 Sandown Minehunter ships (1988); 6 Hawker-800 VIP jets (1988); 250 Alarm missiles (1991);

Al Yamamah II: 48 Tornado IDS, including 6 recon version (1993); 20 Hawk 60s (1993);
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Anonymous Inside Report: What’s Really Going On in Catalonia

The Spanish state has negatively influenced the media by blaming the Catalan government for the political unrest. For instance, the Spanish state claims the Catalan government is staging a coup. Continue reading

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Arms Sales in the Middle East: Trends and Analytical Perspectives for U.S. Policy

The Middle East is one of the most militarized regions in the world, featuring numerous conflicts or standoffs that involve nearly every state in the region. Israeli leaders, pointing to a series of perceived existential threats including several major wars between Israel and its neighbors, assert a continued need to maintain a large and technologically advanced military. Continue reading

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ISIS EMARAT AFGHANISTAN: US And Its Allies Achieve Success in Afghanistan

Is Evolutionary And The Old Culture Disclosed And Troubled With Holy Spirit? These are the things that Kabul administration officials themselves can not deny daily. Four million people in the country are addicted to heroin and the number increases on day-by-day.
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How Gunmen Covertly Trade Ammunition Over Dark Web

at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Europol director Rob Wainwright emphasized that the dark web has introduced a method in which terrorist groups can acquire weapons and arms anonymously, with privacy-focused digital currencies such as Monero and anonymous delivery locations. Continue reading

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Russian Cyberspies Are Rushing to Exploit Recent Flash 0-Day Before It Goes Cold

Evidence also suggests the group rushed to assemble an exploit and the distribution campaign, reusing code from past attacks, and leaving experts with an impression of a sloppy operation. Continue reading

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Anonymous OpSaudi 2017&The ISIS Fatwa 2013

Why Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia, a country that makes life for expatriates a hell on earth.
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https://southfront.org/syria-war-report-october-19-2017-u-s-blames-assad-for-hindering-its-anti-isis-efforts The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS are still fighting for the city of al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs. On October 18, the SAA retook the railway station north of it. On October 17, ISIS claimed that 20 … Continue reading

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