Drugs and weapons: what is sold on Russian dark web?

Many darknet shops selling drugs are highly structured, their stuff includes dealers, recruiting specialists, packers, logistics, carriers, “treasure men” and even PR-managers. Employees are also found on the deep web. We spoke to an HR manager of a reputable Internet drug store located in Saint-Petersburg. He said that “treasure men” were wanted urgently with starting salaries of about $2,500. Continue reading

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Analysis of A Software Used By Terrorists 

Francis Perron  Name: Mojahedeen Secrets 2. Alias: Asrar ver 2. Other names: Ekhlaas Islamic Network Public Key Strong Encryption;Asrar El Mojahedeen;Asrar Mujahidin #2;Mujahideen Secrets 2 Author: Ekhlaas Islamic Network Version: – Program size: 5 967 872 bytes Distribution: Password Encrypted … Continue reading

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“OpSaveFrance”: 12 Sept, France WebSites, Under Attack

#ANONYMOUS to attack All Gov web sites of France. (Mass deface, Database leaks and Massive DDoS) Continue reading

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Vuvuzela: Scalable Private Messaging Resistant to Traffic-Analysis

Vuvuzela is a new scalable messaging system that offers strong privacy guarantees, hiding both message data and metadata. Vuvuzela is secure against adversaries that observe and tamper with all network traffic, and that control all nodes except for one server. Continue reading

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