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Drugs and weapons: what is sold on Russian dark web?

Many darknet shops selling drugs are highly structured, their stuff includes dealers, recruiting specialists, packers, logistics, carriers, “treasure men” and even PR-managers. Employees are also found on the deep web. We spoke to an HR manager of a reputable Internet drug store located in Saint-Petersburg. He said that “treasure men” were wanted urgently with starting salaries of about $2,500. Continue reading

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German Law Enforcement to Trial Run a “Cyber-Armed Forces” Center

Minister Strobl explained that many small businesses are unable to afford IT or cybercrime specialists. Yet, many of the large companies handled cyberattacks on their own. He introduced the concept in the days before August as a cyber defense center that could respond “seven days a week and 24 hours a day quickly if they [small or medium sized businesses] were affected by a cyber attack.” He added that “IT security is the foundation of the digital world” detailed the reasons every organization should have access to “cyberexperts.” Continue reading

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“Cyber Justice Team” Warns Myanmar Government……..

“CYBER JUSTICE TEAM” Have hacked, taken down, and left messages on Myanmar websites warning Myanmar Gov: “Will not just watch when you commit ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya Muslims” Continue reading

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                                    HackRead RedHack Hacks Turkish Ruling Party AKP website against Taylan Kulaçoğlu arrest The famous online Turkish hacktivists from RedHack have hacked and defaced the official website … Continue reading

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2014 Cybersecurity Forecasts

JOHN CASARETTO  On a bit of a programming note, all month long in the month of December, SiliconANGLE will be featuring cybersecurity stories that focus on 2014 and beyond. We have gathered a number of thought leaders, executives and leading … Continue reading

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Cyber Attack Against Establishment Media Next Phase in Never Ending War On Terror

Lone wolves, pesky hacktivists and other villains will take down Operation Mockingbird assets. INFOWAR Back in May, 2010, before Edward Snowden and the unmasking of the NSA, we announced the Pentagon’s preparation for a cyber war against the American people.“Bush … Continue reading

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8 Belgian Defence Minister Pieter De Crem’s speech at the Cyber Defence and Network Security Conference

    This is the speech Pieter De Crem, Minister of Defence for Belgium, gave at this week’s (JULY 9TH ) Cyber Defence and Network Security conference in London. Chair, Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen, In one of his songs Mick … Continue reading

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Meet the Hacktivist Who Wants to Warn Syrians About Incoming Missiles

The ATLANTIC On February 25, 2013, a 26-year-old Syrian “hacktivist” who had fled Damascus was sitting up late in his apartment in a Washington suburb watching the Syrian civil war unfold on Twitter. A man living near an air base … Continue reading

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PRISM helped stop terrorism in US and 20-plus countries, NSA document argues

US intelligence officials sent Congress a new declassified document on Saturday, which the Senate Intelligence Committee then made public. Outlets such as CNN and the Associated Press received this, and it revealed a number of interesting statistics related to the government’s use of the … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe hackers hit ANC website

ANALYSIS  CYBER THREATS ARE REAL IN AFRICA: Virtual attack’s has the potential of been extended to critical infrastructures, communication platforms which can threaten data including safety and security..! HAS AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS, VITAL BUSINESSES AND INDUSTRIES FACTORED SAFETY AND SECURITY AS … Continue reading

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