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Tor Claimed “Snoopers’ Charter” Is A Threat To Citizens Continue reading

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Fueled by Bitcoin, Fintech Booms in Europe as its Banking Cartels Aim to Slow Pace

Legacy banking in Europe colludes to deny access to financial technology (fintech) companies, bitcoin-related and others, in an effort to retard growth, the European Commission alleges. Continue reading

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Shocking Iraq Torture Photos Raise Ethical Dilemmas-AFP

Member of the jury, who asked not be named, told AFP that he was disturbed by the ethical issues the ‘shocking’ pictures raised. “The story is not clear. A lot of people think he has been very brave in telling this story… but I think we are not sending the right message in rewarding this type of work,” he added. Continue reading

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TRUTH SHOCK TV– Isaiah 29:16 declares that “They turn everything upside down.” These end time signs feel like the hammer of nightmares has knocked holes through the sky and shattered this world to blood and ruin. One of those nightmares is … Continue reading

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“Anonymous Greece” To Attack Greek Auctions Website

Anonymous to launch massive attack on Greek auctions website to help Greek people from the Government and system!???
Continue reading

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The Colombian Cellphone Registry is Bad For Human Rights

The core idea of the registry is that every legal device is allowed to work on mobile networks because it’s listed in a “positive database”. Whenever a cell phone is stolen or lost, its IMEI is recorded in the “negative database”. Mobile carriers should block any IMEI listed on this negative database to bar them from working on their networks. Continue reading

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BY ANONYMOUS– Pavel Durov – “Russian Mark Zuckerberg”, a young Internet tycoon who created the most popular social network in the country, and then was forced to cede it to the Kremlin – all at the age of 30. Soon … Continue reading

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Money Laundering Ka Pesa London Real Estate Main Hee Que


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ISIS URGES SUPPORTERS TO “Exterminate Worshippers of The Cross&Kill Them” IN USA AND EUROPE

ISIS TO THEIR SUPPORTERS IN EUROPE AND USA: “Where are your operations that heal the release of your Mujahideen brothers in the land of the caliphate? And rejoice when they fight the boredom of all disbelief! Know that you will ask and be held accountable for your presence and God, what are you waiting for, the mosques have been demolished and the symptoms have been raided and the houses demolished on women, children and old people, if this does not stir you, then what will move you? Continue reading

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……..”And so we say, that the battle between the Islamic state and the crusader coalition of Kuffr headed by the US, is not an issue of execution techniques or the acts of certain individuals. Rather this is a battle of Aqeedah (Creed) in which one group calls for the Divine system of the Sharia to be implemented while the other calls for the taghut polytheistic system of secularism… Continue reading

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