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https://southfront.org/syria-war-report-october-19-2017-u-s-blames-assad-for-hindering-its-anti-isis-efforts The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS are still fighting for the city of al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs. On October 18, the SAA retook the railway station north of it. On October 17, ISIS claimed that 20 … Continue reading

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Our principles are: illegalism, anarcho-communism, revolutionary anarchism. We are close to neoplatformism practice, which was developed by the anarchists from Rio de Janeiro. We veil our names and the participation in the organization, we don’t sign any action with our organization name. Continue reading

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The Tiananmen Square Massacre-CHINA

It’s important that we understand the dual nature of the protests; not merely so we may fill the gaps in our knowledge left by a media narrative unable or unwilling to differentiate between democratic and free-market capitalist reform; but also so that we may better appreciate the depth of the tragedy of the brutal military response. Continue reading

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Tor Claimed “Snoopers’ Charter” Is A Threat To Citizens Continue reading

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Fueled by Bitcoin, Fintech Booms in Europe as its Banking Cartels Aim to Slow Pace

Legacy banking in Europe colludes to deny access to financial technology (fintech) companies, bitcoin-related and others, in an effort to retard growth, the European Commission alleges. Continue reading

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Inside DPRK’s Unit 121……

The North Korean military created a new unit that focuses solely on cyber warfare. The unit, dubbed Unit 121, was first created in 1998 and has steadily grown in size and capability since then. Continue reading

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Shocking Iraq Torture Photos Raise Ethical Dilemmas-AFP

Member of the jury, who asked not be named, told AFP that he was disturbed by the ethical issues the ‘shocking’ pictures raised. “The story is not clear. A lot of people think he has been very brave in telling this story… but I think we are not sending the right message in rewarding this type of work,” he added. Continue reading

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America’s decline and the future of two political systems-DAESH 2011

Today the political landscape is no longer dominated by secularists; a new wave of Islamic revival has hastened to fill the void. In Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt political Islam is on the ascendancy and its dominance pervades the political medium. Most probably Libya and Yemen will follow suit. Continue reading

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Serious Consequences of Halt in Visas Between Ankara and DC

What they’re doing with the Gulen organization is exactly what Michael Flynn and Stanley McChrystal did with al Qaeda in Iraq. When you have a clandestine movement – and the Gulenists were a clandestine movement – you have to figure out who talks to who and who knows who. You’re going to have a huge number of people who get pulled into this thing, many of whom are by nature innocent. Continue reading

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TRUTH SHOCK TV– Isaiah 29:16 declares that “They turn everything upside down.” These end time signs feel like the hammer of nightmares has knocked holes through the sky and shattered this world to blood and ruin. One of those nightmares is … Continue reading

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