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MIT staff will be given local gun MPT-76

Turkey’s state-owned small-arms manufacturer, is a select-fire, gas-operated derivative of Heckler & Koch’s HK416/417. It is currently entering service to replace Turkey’s G3A7 and G3A7A1 rifles. Continue reading

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Populational and Racial Policy Speech to the 1st session of the “Expert Advisory Committee” on  28th of June 1933 

The migration from the countryside into the cities, from the East to the West, has already led in some districts of the east to a noticeable decrease of population so that in spite of the current unemployment the danger of the immigration of ethnic non-Germans exists in the east.-Dr. Wilhelm Frick, 1933 Continue reading

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China built strategic ties with countries across Asia, Europe and Africa, Continue reading

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Shin Bet Mole 14/1/18 חפרפרת בשב”כ MK accused of Shin Bet leaks 1/14/18 1:11 PM PDT

The “Uvda” report examined confidential information obtained by a Deri aide, Moshe Weinberg, on how police wiretaps were approved by the Shin Bet and put into place by the Bezeq telecommunication company. Weinberg was also able to detail who was being recorded in the investigation into the interior minister, confounding the investigators.
Continue reading

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H-1B: Immigrants Make Up Nearly Three-quarters of Silicon Valley Tech Workforce, Report says

Many immigrant tech workers are employed under the controversial H-1B visa — intended for specialty occupations — which has become a flashpoint in the U.S. cage fight over immigration, with opponents claiming it lets foreigners steal American jobs. Continue reading

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“The State of Security:” TOP 17 Security Conferences-2018

“The State of Security” assembled a list of the top conferences in information security. 17. THE DIANA INITIATIVE When: 9-10 August, 2018 Where: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Website: http://dianainitiative.com/3_0/ The Diana Initiative is an organization that’s dedicated to … Continue reading


Saudi Money In Syria – Sowing The Seeds Of ISIS 2.0

(Abundant Hope, Oct 19, 2017) –There is dangerous news evolving from Raqqa, Syria. While ISIS is largely defeated seeds get sown for its reappearance. The Kurdish forces under the label SDF and led by U.S. special forces have defeated ISIS in … Continue reading

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Haftar Troops Violations Extended to Graves’ Exhumation

Darfur movements mercenaries represented a significant presence in the Libyan scene, where they participated with the forces of Hafter in clashes with the guard forces of oil facilities to control the port of Ras Lanuf and the vicinity of the port of Sidra, but the Guard forces recovered, after days, control of AL-Hilal Oil area in the eastern Libyan, where on Al-Hasi, a spokesman for the Petroleum Services Guard, Central Branch, accused the JEM of participating in the attack led by the forces of Haftar, pointing out that the rebel movement launched an attack on the said area to control it. Continue reading

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Shake-up at Pentagon intelligence agency sparks concern

In an interview with FP, Cardillo confirmed that there were changes underway that involved advanced technology, but he denied it was pushing people out of jobs or moving too fast with technology.
“It might feel like a really big reorganization to some folks,” Cardillo told FP. “The fact of the matter is, from this office, I’ve done very little reorganization. We’ve closed down a shop or two to realign some efforts. Most recently, I did change my top tier of leadership.. . . I now call it an executive committee.” Continue reading

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Jilin Daily (China’s official media) carried full page article of how to survive a nuclear fallout????????????

China’s Communist Party run newspaper #JilinDaily uses a whole page Wednesday to tell people how to survive a #nuclear war. Continue reading

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