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The New Arctic Silk Road: A Huge Leap Forward For China And Russia

Involving about 65 countries and affecting 4.4 billion people, constituting thirty percent of the world’s GDP, together with a total investment from Beijing that could surpass a trillion dollars, this is an immense project that requires a lot of imagination to grasp the intentions of the Chinese leadership. Continue reading

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Producers of Small Arms

  More than 1,000 companies from some 100 countries produce small arms and light weapons and their ammunition. Only about a dozen countries produce advanced guided light weapons.   Procurement analysis suggests that within a 50 year period, world production … Continue reading

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Shortly after midnight on 6 August 2011, a Chinook helicopter carrying NATO and Afghan security forces was prepar- ing to land near the Tangi Valley in Afghanistan. As the helicopter was descending, a Taliban fighter fired a rocket- propelled grenade … Continue reading

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