European Left-wing extremism in the 21st Century

The reasons for the increase of left-wing violence is very similar to the reason for the rise of right-wing violence. The 2008 financial crash allowed the extreme right to blame the international financial class and appeal to nativist politics, while it allowed the extreme left to agitate in favour of the rights of the workers of the world against that same financial elite. Continue reading

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Nuclear Dynamics In A Multipolar-Strategic Ballistic Missile Defense World-Intel’ Study

In late 2016, Congress updated the NMD Act to underscore that the policy of the United States is to maintain and improve an effective, robust layered missile defense system capa- ble of defending the territory of the United States, allies, deployed forces, and capabilities against the developing and increasing complex ballistic missile threat. Notably, the word “limited” was removed from the 1999 act. Continue reading

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David Albright: N. KOREA TALK……

Nuclear Weapons Capabilities
The bottom line is that North Korea has an improving nuclear weapons arsenal
North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability benefits from
Procurements abroad;
A functioning industrial complex making plutonium and weapon-grade uranium;
An ability at sites unknown to research, develop, and manufacture nuclear weapons;
Possible integration facilities that could mate a nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile; Continue reading

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WHEN SAUDIS: Muslims In China Expand Their demand For Wahhabism

The eternal provocateurs are at it again. Now, aggravating the Chinese. Imagine how dumb Muslims are to superimpose their nasty personas onto a 1 billion population who are not afraid to take brutal measures if they feel someone goes out … Continue reading

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Jihadists respond to violence in Egypt

LWJ\Intelligence Analysis As news of the events in Cairo swept across various media platforms, jihadists, like nearly everyone else, started to comment. For example, in the jihadi forum Shumukh al Islam, one user claimed, in remarks, that now “is the … Continue reading

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Pentagon Weighs Iran, N. Korea War Readiness Under Existing Plans

  Presenter: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral James A. Winnefeld     Department of Defense Press Briefing by Secretary Hagel and Adm. Winnefeld from the Pentagon              SECRETARY OF DEFENSE … Continue reading

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