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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “Trump Did The Right Thing”

It wouldn’t be hard for someone to get into the U.S. whose loyalty lies with ISIS or a militia aligned with Iran. While the militia isn’t necessarily our enemy right now, they don’t have loyalty to the U.S., they are loyal to the interests of the government that funds them. And that government says “Death to America.”

ISIS’s strongholds are in Iraq and Syria. We all know what they want to do to Americans.”
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The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin: A Political Psychology Profile

Putin’s background as a KGB intelligence officer has colored his entire professional life. The KGB shaped his ethos and his sense of identity—the embodiment of a boyhood dream. Less useful commentary – either vilifying his KGB service or downplaying it – misses a more important question, having to do with how Putin’s skills (“I am a specialist in human relations”) manifest themselves. Continue reading

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Iran’s Iraqi Shiite Proxies Increase Their Deployment to Syria

Phillip Smyth October 2, 2015 Recent online activities show that various Iranian-backed Iraqi Shiite militias have greatly expanded their recruitment efforts in support of the Assad regime, including numerous reports of significant battlefield action. On September 21, the Wall Street … Continue reading

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[#3208339]: Legal notice regarding your WordPress.com site and Russia

Notice of infringement of the order of information dissemination in the territory of the Russian Federation
We are sending the notice on restricting access to the information resource https://chainsoff.me/2015/09/10/dabiq-magazine-11-isis-turkey-and-vatican-to-target-next/ in information and telecommunication networks including the Internet on the basis of the demand of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation No. 27-31-2015/Ид4082-15 of 04.12.2015 as containing appeals to mass riots, extremist activities, and participation in mass (public) actions held with infringement of the established order.” Continue reading

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The ISIS Conspiracy: Origins (Part 1) Published on Aug 31, 2015 In the first part of a series, Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media unravels the murky origins of ISIS and unveils how the group’s meteoric rise in Iraq and Syria … Continue reading

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A WND EXCLUSIVE REPORT Terrorists being used, but at the right time, they will be ‘disposed of’ ISIS has taken center stage in the global effort to establish Islamic supremacy, surpassing jihadist networks such as al-Qaida and Hamas in prominence. … Continue reading

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Russia’s “Secret” Army in Ukraine

20committee Today the office of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko released via Twitter important details about the organization and structure of Russia’s occupying army in Southeastern Ukraine. The order of battle (ORBAT) information is clearly derived from a lot of intelligence, … Continue reading

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Civil War Comes to Iraq

  Zachary Fillingham Warnings of a deteriorating political and security situation in Iraq were plentiful over the past year, driven by a civilian death count climbing towards 2008 levels and militant groups gaining an urban foothold in the cities of … Continue reading

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AL ARABIYA The controversial appointment of Libya’s new Prime Minister Ahmad Maiteeq, following a chaotic vote, has raised fears of growing Muslim Brotherhood clout in the oil-rich North African nation. The 42-year-old businessman, who hails from a wealthy family based … Continue reading

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Defense Intelligence Director NOW, AND…..THEN

NOW: DIA DIRECTOR Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, The Head Of The Defense Intelligence Agency, Steps Down With A Message To The Intelligence Body Flynn has run the Defense Department’s intelligence agency for almost two years and was slated to be … Continue reading

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