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Was 5G Invented as a Militarized Weapon to Cause Organ Failure?

Telecom companies did not take military technology and adapt it to cell towers. Both technologies rely on the same radio-frequency spectrum, but they were developed separately and concurrently. The U.S. Air Force has been experimenting with millimeter wave since the 1980s, but it doesn’t work with the telecom industry. Continue reading

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Two Chinese Charged for Aiding North Korean Crypto Theft

Aside from facilitating the money laundering scheme, the two are also accused of running an exchange platform without any licenses. Continue reading

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ترمپ، مشتاق مذاکره با ایران Trump, eager to negotiate with Iran

The Green Movement, the reform movement, and even the supporters of Iran’s current president, Hassan Rouhani, do not want a gun battle for the fall of government in the theory. Reform Movement Leader Seyed Mohammad Khatami believes that democratic capacities are in the constitution and the current Iranian system, and should activate it and lead to more democracy. They are in favor of gradual democratization of Iran. Continue reading

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ISIS URGES SUPPORTERS TO “Exterminate Worshippers of The Cross&Kill Them” IN USA AND EUROPE

ISIS TO THEIR SUPPORTERS IN EUROPE AND USA: “Where are your operations that heal the release of your Mujahideen brothers in the land of the caliphate? And rejoice when they fight the boredom of all disbelief! Know that you will ask and be held accountable for your presence and God, what are you waiting for, the mosques have been demolished and the symptoms have been raided and the houses demolished on women, children and old people, if this does not stir you, then what will move you? Continue reading

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