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Genocide in Myanmar: A global call for a true end to the mass slaughter of Muslims

It is insufficient to merely resettle the Rohingya Muslims in neighboring countries, for it is not right or fitting for the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ – the best Ummah brought forth for mankind – to be made an Ummah of refugees anytime a problem arises.

We call upon the armies of the Muslim lands to directly and decisively intervene to end the bloodshed in Rakhine. Continue reading

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BY ANONYMOUS– Pavel Durov – “Russian Mark Zuckerberg”, a young Internet tycoon who created the most popular social network in the country, and then was forced to cede it to the Kremlin – all at the age of 30. Soon … Continue reading

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Money Laundering Ka Pesa London Real Estate Main Hee Que


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Giant portrait of toddler peers over US-Mexico border wall

THE WALL Continue reading

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“Cyber Justice Team” Warns Myanmar Government……..

“CYBER JUSTICE TEAM” Have hacked, taken down, and left messages on Myanmar websites warning Myanmar Gov: “Will not just watch when you commit ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya Muslims” Continue reading

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……..”And so we say, that the battle between the Islamic state and the crusader coalition of Kuffr headed by the US, is not an issue of execution techniques or the acts of certain individuals. Rather this is a battle of Aqeedah (Creed) in which one group calls for the Divine system of the Sharia to be implemented while the other calls for the taghut polytheistic system of secularism… Continue reading

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Wikileaks Just Unveiled CIA’s Secret Missile Control System

The new filtration, which is part of a series of secret materials called Vault 7, indicates that the system is installed aboard an airplane from Pratt & Whitney, equipped with air-to-air and/or air missile launch systems – Earth. Continue reading

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Analysis of A Software Used By Terrorists 

Francis Perron  Name: Mojahedeen Secrets 2. Alias: Asrar ver 2. Other names: Ekhlaas Islamic Network Public Key Strong Encryption;Asrar El Mojahedeen;Asrar Mujahidin #2;Mujahideen Secrets 2 Author: Ekhlaas Islamic Network Version: – Program size: 5 967 872 bytes Distribution: Password Encrypted … Continue reading

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The law works equally well with both small gangs and large groups. These four letters magically transform a short period of 3-5 years for extortion committed alone, in a quarter of a century behind bars – “as part of a criminal group.” it makes RICO an ideal weapon in the fight with both traditional crime syndicates and ethnic OPG. Continue reading

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The sites of open burns — including those operated by private contractors and the Department of Energy — have led to 54 separate federal Superfund declarations and have exposed the people who live near them to dangers that will persist for generations.
Continue reading

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